The erstwhile unlikely coupling of human rights and corporations is now a typical feature of corporate/community relations. High-profile corporate infringements of human rights, the rise and rise of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and on-going efforts to regulate corporate behaviour through legal regimes, at both domestic and international levels, have spawned a mountain of academic literature and commentary. This volume assembles the leading essays from this body of work. Together they frame the relationship between human rights and corporations by charting its history and salient features; tackle the conceptual perspectives of the relationship and detail the practice, problems and potential of the relationship.

part 1|178 pages

Framing the Relationship

chapter 1|17 pages

Human rights and multinationals: is there a problem?

ByPeter T. Muchlinski

chapter 4|19 pages

Business and Human Rights

ByDavid Weissbrodt

chapter 5|25 pages

Multinational Corporations and the Ethics of Global Responsibility: Problems and Possibilities

ByMahmood Monshipouri, Claude E. Welch, Evan T. Kennedy

chapter 6|30 pages

Human Rights: The Emerging Norm of Corporate Social Responsibility

ByMoore Dickerson Claire

part 2|187 pages

Conceptual Perspectives

chapter 7|50 pages

Protecting Human Rights in a Globalized World

ByShelton Dinah

chapter 8|103 pages

Corporations and Human Rights: A Theory of Legal Responsibility

ByRatner Steven R.