This three volume reference series provides an authoritative and comprehensive set of volumes collecting together the most influential articles and papers on tourism, heritage and culture. The papers have been selected and introduced by Dallen Timothy, one of the leading international scholars in tourism research. The first volume 'Managing Heritage and Cultural Tourism Resources' deals primarily with issues of conservation, interpretation, impacts of tourism and the management of those impacts. Sold individually and as a set, this series will prove an essential reference work for scholars and students in geography, tourism and heritage studies, cultural studies and beyond.

Contents: Introduction; Stakeholder collaboration and heritage management, Christina Aas, Adele Ladkin and John Fletcher; Old cities, new pasts: heritage planning in selected cities of central Europe, G.J. Ashworth and J.E. Tunbridge; Managing heritage attractions: marketing challenges at sensitive historical sites, Nathan K. Austin; Developing partnerships: tools for interpretation and management of world heritage sites, Stephen W. Boyd and Dallen J. Timothy; Interpretation and sustainable tourism: the potential and the pitfalls, Bill Bramwell and Bernard Lane; Developing the heritage tourism product in multi-ethnic cities, Alison Caffyn and Jane Lutz; Mountain places, cultural spaces: the interpretation of culturally significant landscapes, Anna Carr; Balancing use and preservation in cultural heritage management, Bill Carter and Gordon Grimwade; Beamish museum - modelling visitor flows, Adrian Darnell, Peter Johnson and Barry Thomas; Tourism impacts on an Australian indigenous community: A Djabugay case study, Pam Dyer, Lucinda Aberdeen and Sigrid Schuler; Heritage tourism: at what price?, Alan Fyall and Brian Garrod; Managing heritage tourism, Brian Garrod and Alan Fyall ; Heritage, local communities and economic development, Mark P. Hampton; Attracting tourists to Singapore's Chinatown: a case study in conservation and promotion, J. Henderson; Managing heritage resources as tourism products, Pamela S.Y. Ho and Bob McKercher; Economic impacts of civil war battlefield preservation: an ex-ante evaluation, Daniel G. Johnson and Jay Sullivan; Interpretation of the unimaginable: the U.S. Holocaust memorial museum, Washington, D.C., and 'dark tourism', J.John Lennon and Malcolm Foley; Bilingual heritage interpretation in Wales, Duncan Light; Visitors' use of interpretive media at heritage sites, Duncan Light; Including the outsiders: the contribution of guides to integrated heritage tourism management in Cusco, Southern Peru, Gemma McGrath; Heritage management for h