Religion in the contemporary west is undergoing rapid change. In Predicting Religion twenty experts in the study of religion present their predictions about the future of religion in the 21st century - predictions based on careful analysis of the contemporary religious scene from traditional forms of Christianity to new spiritualities. The range of predictions is broad. A number predict further secularization - with religion in the west seen as being in a state of terminal decline. Others question this approach and suggest that we are witnessing not decline but transformation understood in different ways: a shift from theism to pantheism, from outer to inner authority, from God to self-as-god, and above all from religion to spirituality. This accessible book on the contemporary religious scene offers students and scholars of the sociology of religion and theology, as well as interested general readers, fresh insights into the future of religion and spirituality in the west. Published in association with the British Sociological Association Study of Religion group, in the Ashgate Religion and Theology in Interdisciplinary Perspective series.

chapter |14 pages


ByLinda Woodhead, Paul Heelas, Grace Davie

part I|36 pages

Secularization Theory Re-Examined

chapter 2|10 pages

On Secularization and its Prediction: a Self-examination

ByDavid Martin

chapter 3|11 pages

The Evolutionary Principle in the Study of Religion and Society

ByOlivier Tschannen

part II|82 pages

Predicting Christianity

part III|115 pages

Predicting Alternatives

chapter 12|12 pages

The Quakers: towards an Alternate Ordering

ByGay Pilgrim

chapter 15|8 pages

Alexis de Tocqueville, Pantheism and the Religion of Democracy

ByS.J.D. Green

chapter 16|12 pages

Religion on – Religion in Cyberspace

ByAnastasia Karaflogka

chapter 17|11 pages

The Paranormal in Swedish Religiosity

ByUlf Sjödin

chapter 19|19 pages

An Ageing New Age?

ByPaul Heelas, Benjamin Seel