The book contains a wealth of detailed and fascinating case studies of New Public Management (NPM) in practice in the UK, exploring the enactment of NPM in its specific organizational contexts. A range of public services are covered including local government, education, social work and the police, with particular attention paid to the National Health Service. The editors introduce the case studies through an examination of the 'hydra-headed' nature of NPM, its variability between sectors and its contested character. This provides themes that are developed within the case studies, where, in varying organizational contexts, the meaning of NPM is negotiated and its impact on those working in the organization is explored. The book points to the complex, fluid and negotiated character of NPM, as well as its centrality in reconfiguring occupational identities and relations within public service organizations.

chapter 1|4 pages

Introduction: Questioning the New Public Management

ByMike Dent, John Chandler, Jim Barry

part I|16 pages

Context and Theory of the New Public Management

chapter 2|14 pages

New Public Management and the Professions in the UK: Reconfiguring Control?

ByMike Dent, Jim Barry

part II|68 pages

Variations between Sectors

part III|69 pages

Hydra-Headed New Public Management: The Case of the National Health Service

part IV|30 pages

New Public Management as Contested Terrain

chapter 11|15 pages

The New Public Management and Higher Education: A Human Cost?

ByElisabeth Berg, Jim Barry, John Chandler

chapter 12|12 pages

A Bit of a Laugh: Nurses’ Use of Humour as a Mode of Resistance

BySharon C. Bolton