- Organized by themes which are central to understanding religion today - Suitable for advanced undergraduates: emphasis on controversy and debates in the field - International range of sources and religions - Includes popular as well as scholarly sources

part 1|46 pages

From Sacred Text to Internet

chapter 1.1|4 pages

‘Mark’s Gospel’

ByClive Marsh, Steve Moyise

chapter 1.2|8 pages

‘Does the Historical Jesus Matter?’

ByMarcus J. Borg

chapter 1.3|2 pages

‘Seeing the Sacred’

ByDiana L. Eck

chapter 1.4|3 pages

‘Idolatry and the Defence of Hindu Theism’

ByRāmmohun Roy

chapter 1.5|2 pages

‘Idol Worship’

ByDayānanda Sarasvat

chapter 1.6|1 pages

‘Defence of Image Worship’

BySwami Vivekananda

chapter 1.7|1 pages

‘Glimpses of Religion’

ByM.K. Gandhi

chapter 1.8|1 pages

‘Images as an Aid to Worship’

ByM.K. Gandhi

chapter 1.10|1 pages

‘The FWBO and the Buddhist Tradition’

chapter 1.11|1 pages

‘Learning About Buddhism’

chapter 1.12|1 pages

‘Kadampa Buddhism’

chapter 1.13|4 pages

‘Training as a Qualified Dharma Teacher’

ByGeshe Kelsang Gyatso

chapter 1.14|4 pages

‘Bhikku Sangha: The Order of Monks’

ByStephen Batchelor

chapter 1.15|5 pages

‘Zaynab Al Ghazali: Islamist Feminist?’

ByDenis J. Sullivan, Sana Abed-Kotob

chapter 1.16|4 pages

‘The Pearly Gates of Cyberspace’

ByMargaret Wertheim

part 2|52 pages

Religion and Social Transformations

chapter 2.1|8 pages

‘Christianity in the Post-Communist Vacuum’

ByJósef Tischner

chapter 2.2|6 pages

‘How Can a Muslim Live in This Era?’

ByShaik Hamid Al Nayfar

chapter 2.3|4 pages

‘Human Rights Declaration, 1948’

chapter 2.5|3 pages

‘Who is Mary for Today’s Asian Women?’

ByKyung Hyun Chung

chapter 2.6|1 pages

‘Asian Women Writing Theology’

ByKyung Hyun Chung

chapter 2.7|2 pages

‘Mary in the Christian Community: Model for Liberation’

ByAna Maria Bidegai

chapter 2.8|2 pages

‘Black Feminism and Theology’

ByJacquelyn Grant

chapter 2.9|2 pages

‘Self-Understanding of Biblical Scholarship’

ByElisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza

chapter 2.10|4 pages

‘God as Mother’

BySallie McFague

chapter 2.11|2 pages

‘A Buddhist Life is a Green Life’

ByChris Pauling

chapter 2.11|3 pages

‘A Zone of Peace’

chapter 2.13|6 pages

‘Saving Forests So There Can Be Forest Monks’

ByAjahan Pasanno, Nick Scott

part 3|50 pages

Perspectives on Civil Religion

chapter 3.1|5 pages

‘Civil Religion in America’

ByRobert Bellah

chapter 3.2|7 pages

‘Baptized in Blood’

ByCharles Regan Wilson

chapter 3.3|3 pages

‘Completing the Theological Circle: Civil Religion in America’

ByVine Deloria

chapter 3.4|2 pages

‘War Memorials’

ByTony Walter

chapter 3.5|3 pages

‘Say Goodbye to Grandad’

ByTimothy Pain

chapter 3.6|4 pages

‘How did Uncle Edmund Die?’

ByPaul Barker

chapter 3.7|7 pages

‘War Grave Pilgrimage’

ByTony Walter

chapter 3.8|2 pages

‘Communion at the Wall’

ByCara Sutherland

chapter 3.9|2 pages

‘The Things They Leave Behind’

ByCharles Harbutt

chapter 3.10|1 pages

‘Night Rounds: A Visit to the Vietnam Memorial’

ByMarilyn Knapp Litt

chapter 3.11|4 pages

‘To Heal a Nation’

ByJan C. Scruggs, Joel L. Swerdlow

chapter 3.13|2 pages

‘Act of Donation of the City of Siena to the Most Holy Virgin Mary’

On display in Siena cathedral
ByGerald Parsons

chapter 3.14|2 pages

‘The Day of the Palio’

ByAlan Dundes, Alessandro Falassi

chapter 3.15|3 pages


ByAlessandro Falassi, Giuliano Catoni

part 4|58 pages

Global Religious Movements in Regional Context

chapter 4.1|4 pages

‘Looking Back, Reaching Forward’

ByOliver Barclay

chapter 4.3|2 pages

‘Christianity for a New Age’

ByDave Tomlinson

chapter 4.4|7 pages

‘Can Evangelicalism Survive Its Success?’

ByN.O. Hatch, M.S. Hamilton

chapter 4.5|1 pages

‘Recovering the Primacy of Evangelism’

ByBilly Graham

chapter 4.6|3 pages

‘The Legacy of John Wimber’

ByTodd Hunter

chapter 4.9|2 pages

‘View from the Other Side’

ByGuido Lombardi

chapter 4.10|4 pages

‘Dawa and Its Significance for the Future’

ByM. Manazir Ahsan

chapter 4.11|6 pages

‘Does Anybody Care?: The Umma at a Charity Dinner’

BySeán McLoughlin

chapter 4.13|1 pages

‘Happiness in This World’


chapter 4.14|2 pages

‘The One Essential Phrase’


chapter 4.15|2 pages

‘Soka Gakkai International Charter’

chapter 4.16|2 pages

‘President Ikeda’s Guidance’

ByDaisaku Ikeda

chapter 4.17|2 pages

‘Adapting the Precepts to the Locality’

ByWin Hunter

chapter 4.18|3 pages

‘Flood Disaster in Venezuela’

ByElio Montel

part 5|75 pages

Belief Beyond Boundaries

chapter 5.1|2 pages

‘Pagan Theologies’

ByPrudence Jones

chapter 5.2|3 pages

‘Neopaganism’ 1

ByWouter J. Hannagraaff

chapter 5.3|3 pages

‘Ritual is My Chosen Art Form’

BySabine Magliocco

chapter 5.4|3 pages

‘New Age or Pagan’

ByGraham Harvey

chapter 5.5|4 pages

‘The Stations of the Sun’

ByRonald Hutton

chapter 5.6|2 pages

‘The Celtic Year’

ByCaitlin Matthews

chapter 5.7|2 pages

‘Three ‘P’S’

ByIan Bradley

chapter 5.8|3 pages

‘Are the Modern Celts Bogus?’

BySimon James

chapter 5.9|6 pages

‘Three Things There are, That are Seldom Heard’

ByJ.H.T. Davies

chapter 5.10|2 pages

‘Apologies to Native People’

BySara Simon et al

chapter 5.11|2 pages

‘Behind the Buckskin Curtain’

ByVine Deloria

chapter 5.12|3 pages

‘Nature and First Nations’ Religions’

ByCatherine L. Albanese

chapter 5.13|3 pages

’Spokespersons For Indian Spirituality’

ByAmanda Porterfield

chapter 5.14|3 pages

’An Earth First! Activist on the Importance of Ritual’

ByDelores LaChapelle

chapter 5.15|3 pages

’Drawing Down the Moon’

ByMargot Adler

chapter 5.16|3 pages

’There Have Been Witches in All Ages’

ByGerald Gardner

chapter 5.17|2 pages

’The Burning Times’


chapter 5.18|2 pages


ByJules Michelet

chapter 5.19|1 pages

’The Witches of Eastwick’

ByJohn Updike

chapter 5.20|1 pages

’The Worst Witch’

ByJill Murphy

chapter 5.21|1 pages

’The Ride-By-Nights’

ByWalter de la Mare

chapter 5.22|4 pages

’Witch at Home’

ByDorothy Edwards

chapter 5.23|2 pages

’Science and Religion’

ByJohn Hedley Brooke

chapter 5.24|3 pages

’Whose Science? Whose Religion?’

ByJohn Brooke, Geoffery Cantor

chapter 5.25|3 pages

’Psychology and Religion’

ByCarl Jung

chapter 5.26|2 pages


ByCarl Jung

chapter 5.27|3 pages

‘Foreword to the I Ching’

ByCarl Jung

chapter 5.28|2 pages

‘Why Jung Would Doubt the New Age’ *

ByDavid Tacey