Rights: Concepts and Contexts contains the central works of recent scholarship on the nature of rights, with contributions by some of the most prominent contemporary theorists in moral, legal, and political philosophy, including Joseph Raz, Robert Alexy, Jeremy Waldron, Morton Horwitz, Stephen Darwall, Margaret Gilbert, David Lyons, and Aharon Barak. With approaches ranging from the political to the historical, and from the analytical to the critical, this collection touches on the major conceptual and practical questions of this important field: what is the nature and grounding of human rights? How should conflicts of rights best be analyzed? Are rights best understood in terms of choice, benefits, or some hybrid of the two? What are the connections between rights and duties, and between rights and justice? The collection also offers useful introductions to emerging issues in rights theory such as the purported bipolarity of rights.

part I|98 pages

Rights in Context

chapter [1]|14 pages

Natural Law and Natural Rights

Edited ByMorton J. Horwitz

chapter [2]|34 pages

‘Protestant’ Political Theory and the Significance of Rights

Edited BySean Coyle

chapter [3]|18 pages

Human Rights in the Emerging World Order

Edited ByJoseph * Raz

chapter [4]|32 pages

Humanist and Political Perspectives on Human Rights

Edited ByPablo Gilabert

part II|174 pages

Concepts of Rights

chapter [5]|14 pages

Are There Still Any Natural Rights?

Edited ByHillel Sterner

chapter [6]|20 pages

Value Pluralism and the Two Concepts of Rights

Edited ByHoracio Spector *

chapter [7]|36 pages

The Analytical Foundations of Justice

Edited ByN.E. Simmonds

chapter [8]|14 pages

Fundamental Legal Conceptions Reconsidered

Edited ByAndrew Halpin

chapter [9]|18 pages

Ross and Olivecrona on Rights

Edited ByBrian H. Bix

chapter [10]|10 pages

A Right to Do Wrong? Two Conceptions of Moral Rights

Edited ByWilliam A. Edmundson

chapter [11]|30 pages

The Nature of Rights

Edited ByLeif Wenar

chapter [12]|32 pages

Theories of Rights: Is There a Third Way?

Edited ByMatthew H. Kramer, Hillel Steiner

part III|102 pages

Bipolarity of Rights

chapter [13]|26 pages

Bipolar Obligation

Edited ByStephen Darwall

chapter [14]|24 pages

Giving Claim-Rights Their Due 1

Edited ByMargaret Gilbert

chapter [15]|20 pages

The Nature of Rights Debate Rests on a Mistake

Edited BySiegfried Van Duffel

chapter [16]|30 pages

Duties and Their Direction 1

Edited ByGopal Sreenivasan

part IV|59 pages

Rights and Reasons

chapter [18]|16 pages

Rights and Recognition

Edited ByDavid Lyons

chapter [19]|30 pages

The Rights Recognition Thesis: Defending and Extending Green

Edited ByGerald F. Gaus

part V|145 pages

Conflicts of Rights

chapter [20]|26 pages

On Conflicts Between Rights

Edited ByChristopher Heath Wellman

chapter [21]|24 pages

American balancing and German proportionality: The historical origins

Edited ByMoshe Cohen–Eliya *, Iddo Porat **

chapter [22]|20 pages

Security and Liberty: The Image of Balance*

Edited ByJeremy Waldron

chapter [23]|32 pages

Proportionality stricto sensu (balancing)

Edited ByAharon Barak

chapter [24]|20 pages

The Weight Formula *

Edited ByRobert Alexy

chapter [25]|22 pages

On Robert Alexy’s Weight Formula for Weighing and Balancing

Edited ByLars Lindahl *