First published in 1982, this collection of essays provides an analysis of education’s contradictory role in social reproduction. It looks at the complex relations between the economic, political and cultural spheres of society, both historically and at the time of publication, and hones the wider range of debate in on education.

This volume will be of interest to those studying sociology and equality in education.

chapter 1|31 pages

Reproduction and contradiction in education:

an introduction
ByMichael W. Apple

chapter 2|47 pages

Education and class formation:

the peculiarities of the Americans
ByDavid Hogan

chapter 3|48 pages

Education, economy and the State

ByMartin Carnoy

chapter 4|35 pages

Education and the capitalist State:

contributions and contradictions
ByRoger Dale

chapter 5|19 pages

Schooling and the reproduction of patriarchy:

unequal workloads, unequal rewards
ByGail P. Kelly, Ann S. Nihlen

chapter 6|21 pages

The arts in class reproduction

ByPaul DiMaggio, Michael Useem

chapter 7|45 pages

Television’s screens:

hegemony in transition
ByTodd Gitlin

chapter 8|28 pages

Curricular form and the logic of technical control:

building the possessive individual
ByMichael W. Apple

chapter 9|29 pages

Structure, text, and subject:

a critical sociology of school knowledge
ByPhilip Wexler

chapter 10|52 pages

Codes, modalities and the process of cultural reproduction:

a model
ByBasil Bernstein