In the face of the long domination of medical care by men, Women and Health explores from a variety of perspectives the twin issues of women in health care, and the health care of women. Specific sections address the women's health movement, birth control and childbirth, women in the health labor force, and the influence of women's employment on their health. Already acclaimed by scholars and health policy-makers alike, Women and Health is sure to become a standard sourcebook on an important and neglected subject.

part 1|1 pages

The Women’s Movement

chapter Chapter 1|18 pages

Women and Health Care: A Comparison of Theories

ByElizabeth Fee

part 2|1 pages

Case Studies In Women’s Health

chapter Chapter 2|22 pages

Convenience and the Occurrence of Births: Induction of Labor in the United States and Canada

ByRonald R. Rindfuss, Judith L. Ladinsky, Elizabeth Coppock, Victor W. Marshall, A.S. Macpherson

chapter Chapter 3|18 pages

Vaginal Cancer: An Iatrogenic Disease?

ByKay Weiss

part 3|1 pages

Women In The Health Labor Force

chapter Chapter 4|26 pages

Sexism and Racism in the American Health Care Industry: A Comparative Analysis

ByJerry L. Weaver, Sharon D. Garrett

chapter Chapter 5|12 pages

Women Workers in The Health Service Industry

ByCarol A. Brown

part 4|1 pages

Women’s Work, Women’s Health

chapter Chapter 6|20 pages

Employment and Women’s Health: An Analysis of Causal Relationships

ByIngrid Waldron

chapter Chapter 7|10 pages

Do Men and Women Have Different Jobs Because of Their Biological Differences?

ByKaren Messing

part 5|1 pages

The Professional Control of Social Conflict

chapter Chapter 8|26 pages

The Politics of Birth Control, 1920-1940: The Impact of Professionals

ByLinda Gordon

chapter Chapter 9|34 pages

Medicine and Patriarchal Violence: The Social Construction of a “Private” Event

ByEvan Stark, Ann Flitcraft, William Frazier

part 6|1 pages

Biology, Nature, and the Construction of Knowledge