This book provides a source of inspiration and a manual for designers, entrepreneurs and professionals who are looking into the practical application of product configurators. In this growing profession, there is a need for a book which focuses on the configuration process from a design perspective. The book delves into the practical application of configurators using case studies of selected firms that present their most significant works. It offers the reader tips, suggestions, technical details and critical issues which need to be considered, from experienced actors and pioneers worldwide, which include:

  • Unfold, Belgium
  • In-flexions, France
  • Nervous System, USA
  • Okinlab, Germany
  • SkimLab, France
  • Twikit, Belgium
  • INDG, The Netherlands
  • ZeroLight, United Kingdom
  • 3Dimerce, The Netherlands
  • 3DSource, USA
  • Bagaar, Belgium
  • MyCustomizer, Canada
  • Combeenation, Austria

Part 1: The Context 1. Strategic foundations and capabilities of mass customization Frank T. Piller and Ning Wang  2.The evolutionary process of product configurators and characteristics of configurable products Paul Blažek  3. The role of representation and technology in product configuration Fabrizio Avella and Saverio Albano  4. Digital ArtsandCrafts: Encouraging mass customization as a relational model of production Fabio Schillaci  Part 2: The gallery: From conceptual to commercial applications  5. Unfold L’Artisan Electronique  6. In-Flexions Vase#44 series and KiLight  7. Nervous System Kinematics  8. Okinlab form.bar  9. SkimLab Jweel, online personalized jewelry  10. Twikit Mr. Maria Night Lamp Configurator  11. INDG Amikasa 3D Room Designer  12. ZeroLight Pagani Huayra  13. 3DiMerce Leolux Creator  14. 3DSource Elkay configurator 15. Bagaar BekaertDeslee configurator  16. MyCustomizer SUUNTO configurator  17. Combeenation SaaS Configurator Management System  Part 3: Behind the scenes  18. How we built a configurator Reyk Buchenberg  Contributors  Index  Bibliography