This edited volume may be the 'definitive text' on methods and content in teaching psychology from an international and critical perspective. Chapters from internationally renowned contributors working clinically, educationally and in the community with a range of client groups, outline critical teaching by and for professionals and service recipients.

This timely book offers a unique, research-based and philosophically coherent approach to teaching psychology including teaching methods, the lecture content of radical approaches to modern psychology and debates as to whether the aim of teaching is to liberate or control. Themes include the nature of pedagogy, the importance of teaching and learning style, the relevance of context and content and the ways in which traditional teaching forms a part of the disciplinary rather than critical project.

Teaching Critical Psychology offers guidance in teaching pupils, students, peers and those on academic programmes at under-graduate and post-graduate level.

chapter 1|18 pages

Teaching Psychology Critically

ByDavid Fryer, Rachael Fox

chapter 2|18 pages

Ten suggestions for critical teaching in Psychology

ByJohn Cromby

chapter 3|27 pages

Towards coherence in teaching critical PSY

ByCraig Newnes

chapter 4|18 pages

Teaching disability, teaching critical disability studies

ByDan Goodley, Michael Miller, Katherine Runswick-Cole

chapter 5|18 pages

Fear and loathing in the education system

ByRobbie Piper

chapter 6|23 pages

What can teachers of critical and community Psychology learn from their learners?

ByOlivia Fakoussa, Gemma Budge, Mandeep Singh Kallu, Annie Mitchell, Rachel Purtell

chapter 7|25 pages

Teaching indigenous Psychology

A conscientisation, de-colonisation and psychological literacy approach to curriculum
ByPat Dudgeon, Dawn Darlaston-Jones, Abigail Bray

chapter 9|25 pages

Psychiatry and the law

The Law Project for Psychiatric Rights’ public education approach
ByJim Gottstein

chapter 10|24 pages

Human rights and critical Psychology

ByBeth Greenhill, Laura Golding

chapter 11|19 pages

Children’s experiences of domestic violence

A teaching and training challenge
ByJane Callaghan, Lisa Fellin, Joanne Alexander

chapter 12|21 pages


A principles-based approach
BySara Tai

chapter 13|19 pages

Training that domesticates or education that liberates?

Tensions and dilemmas related to teaching critical psychology in the context of UK clinical psychology training
ByAnne Cooke