Successful change in the public sector can be supported or hindered by political and administrative leadership, individual and group motivation, and the public’s perception of the effectiveness of public officials and government structures. But do the very characteristics of public sector organizations present obstacles to successful transformative change? This book assesses the current state of the literature on leadership and change in government and public policy, and introduces the reader to innovative new ways to demonstrate leadership in times of change.

Contributions from accomplished scholars in the field cover the traditional public administration areas of performance and management, as well as the diversity of issues that surround public leadership and change, both domestic and global. Chapters on public sector innovation, performance leadership, governance networks, complexity in disaster management, change initiatives in educational systems and local government, citizen advisory bodies, and gender and race equality, to name but a few, provide important case studies throughout the volume. Leadership and Change in Public Sector Organizations will be required reading for upper level undergraduate and graduate courses in public administration/management, leadership, and public policy analysis.

chapter 1|14 pages


Beyond Reform—Leadership, Change, and the Role of Innovation
ByJames D. Ward

part I|61 pages

Ecology of Public Sector Innovation and Performance Literature

chapter 2|23 pages

Reinventing and Redesigning Local Government

ByJames H. Svara

chapter 3|36 pages

Innovation and Organizational Survival Research

ByEleanor D. Glor, Mario A. Rivera

part II|55 pages

Governance and New Frontiers in Public Policy

chapter 4|22 pages

Cooperative/Collaborative Governance in a Networked Age

ByDavid K. Hamilton

chapter 5|31 pages

Chaos Theory, Disaster Policy, and Response

Achieving the New Normal
ByGretchen M. Richards

part III|93 pages

Leadership and Change in Governing Systems

chapter 6|18 pages

Public Sector Compensation—School District Superintendents

Are We Getting Our Monies’ Worth?
ByChristopher Stream, Ashok E. M. Sudhakar, Antonio Gutierrez

chapter 7|23 pages

Implementing an Innovative Dream of Change

Lessons From Houston Community Colleges
BySusan T. Gooden, Kasey J. Martin

chapter 8|27 pages

Citizen Advisory Bodies

New Wine in Old Bottles?
ByMargaret Stout, George W. Dougherty, Larkin Dudley

chapter 9|23 pages

Local Government Reform, Convergence, and the Hybrid Model

ByJames D. Ward

part IV|70 pages

Social Justice and Equality

chapter 10|18 pages

Support for Gender Equality Duty Strategies Among Local Government Officials in Texas

ByThomas Longoria, Darlene Budd, Lynne L. Manganaro

chapter 11|26 pages

Can Innovative Leadership Improve Community and Police Relationships?

Lessons Learned From Youngstown, Ohio
ByCryshanna A. Jackson Leftwich

chapter 12|13 pages

Choice Points as a Framework for Decision-Making

ByBrandi Blessett, Tia Sherèe Gaynor

chapter 13|11 pages


Scenarios and Common Themes in Leadership and Change
ByJames D. Ward