The twenty-eight essays of this collection, first published in 1962, are the work of distinguished British, Canadian, and American scholars. The essays range widely over the field of Elizabethan drama, concentrating attention on Shakespeare and Marlowe but not neglecting earlier dramatists such as Kyd and Greene or later ones such as Heywood and Massinger. Among the general topics treated are the staging of the interludes, intrigue in Elizabethan tragedy, and Jacobean stage pastoralism. This title will be of interest to students of English literature.

chapter |2 pages

Hardin Craig

chapter |8 pages

Trissino’s art of Poetry

chapter |10 pages

Robert Greene as Dramatist

chapter |13 pages

Marlowe’s Humor

chapter |21 pages

More Shakespeare Sonnet Groups

chapter |13 pages

Pyramus and Thisbe Once More

chapter |20 pages

Henry V as Heroic Comedy

chapter |11 pages

Francis Bacon on the Drama

chapter |13 pages

Thomas Heywood’s Dramatic Art

chapter |10 pages

Massinger the Censor