Title first published in 2003. Responses to globalisation in politics and governance at national, regional and local levels of government in France and Norway are explored in this engaging study.

chapter Chapter 1|16 pages

Comparing France and Norway: Why? How? Towards a Contextual Analysis

ByHarald Baldersheim, Jean-Pascal Daloz

chapter Chapter 2|17 pages

Reflections on the Comparative Study of Political Leadership

ByJean-Pascal Daloz

chapter Chapter 3|19 pages

The Globalization Debate in France: The Attitudes of Political Leaders

BySébastien Ségas

chapter Chapter 4|12 pages

The Norwegian Globalization Debate

ByØyvind Østerud

chapter Chapter 5|26 pages

French Political Parties and Cleavages: Why is there no Christian Democratic Party?

ByEmmanuelle Vignaux

chapter Chapter 6|16 pages

Political Parties in Norway — National Institutions, Locally Anchored

ByKnut Heidar

chapter Chapter 8|12 pages

French Regional Leadership and Economic Strategies in a Globalizing World

ByMichel-Alexis Montané

chapter Chapter 9|17 pages

Norwegian Regions as Development Agents — County Councils on the Defensive

ByHarald Baldersheim

chapter Chapter 12|25 pages

Local Political Participation in Norway: Does Globalization Make a Difference?

ByLawrence E. Rose

chapter Chapter 13|12 pages

“Management” and Urban Political Leaders in France

ByStéphane Cadiou

chapter Chapter 15|10 pages

Conclusions: France — Return of the Girondins? Norway — Rise of the Jacobins?

ByHarald Baldersheim, Jean-Pascal Daloz

chapter |12 pages

Epilogue: Towards a Local-Global Leadership? A Research Agenda

ByClaude Sorbets