This title was first published in 2003. The European Union is constantly struggling to find effective ways to plan major transport infrastructure developments at a European level. This is a critical factor in the emerging debates surrounding the absorption of the accession states into the EU, but it is essential for these states that their economic competitiveness is supported by appropriate and effective transport infrastructure. It is therefore crucial to find innovative approaches to the infrastructure itself, how it is financed and the ways in which proper evaluation procedures are implemented to select which policies, programmes and projects should be supported. This informative volume brings together leading international specialists in economic evaluation applied within the transport sector. Their contributions encompass all the main levels at which transport planning is typically conceptualized - strategic/regional policy, programme and project planning. It therefore examines how coherent economic evaluation practice can be developed and applied not only across different physical scales, but also across national borders.

part 1|84 pages

The Role of Evaluation

part 2|84 pages

Technical Aspects of Evaluation