This title was first published in 2002. In 2000, a major international conference was organized by the Arab Planning Institute to identify, analyze and compare development challenges facing Arab countries at the dawn of the new millennium. An interdisciplinary team of scholars were brought together from the fields of regional science, development studies, economics, business and government policy and together they addressed global, regional and domestic challenges and their impact on the Arab region. This volume brings together the best papers presented at this conference. In doing so, it offers up-to-date insights into, and a clearer understanding of this region. It highlights issues including: economic and social implications of globalization; strategic alliances; the implications for Arab countries of emerging technological patterns; the impact of the European Monetary Union and the euro; Arab regional integration; education; and the development of individual Arab country's economies.

chapter 1|15 pages


ByBelkacem Laabas

chapter 2|23 pages

Arab Development Challenges of the New Millennium

ByBelkacem Laabas

part I|133 pages

Globalization Challenges

chapter 3|68 pages

Economic and Social Implications of Globalization for the Arab Countries

ByGouda Abdel-Khalek, Karima Korayem

chapter 4|25 pages

The Regional Strategic Alliance Approach to Globalization of Arab Countries

ByShahid Siddiqi, Mohammad Qamar Iqbal

part II|64 pages

The Euro and Euro-Med

chapter 6|17 pages

Implications of the Euro for Arab Countries

ByBelkacem Laabas, Riad Dahel

chapter 7|13 pages

Will the EUR Compete with the USD in Arab Countries?

ByKariné Guéorkian, Daniel Lachat

chapter 8|30 pages

Euro-Mediterranean versus Arab Integration: Are they Compatible?

ByGonzalo Escribano

part III|115 pages

Arab Regional Integration

chapter 9|43 pages

Regional Challenges to Arab Development in the New Millennium

ByMohammed Mahmud El-Imam

chapter 10|25 pages

The European Union as a Model for Arab Economic Integration

ByAugusto Lopez-Claros

part IV|72 pages

Education, Science and Technology