This title was first published in 2003. An international journal targeted specifically at the study of the human element in the aerospace system, and its role in either avoiding or contributing to accidents and incidents, and in promoting safe operations. The journal contains both formal research and practitioner papers, describing new research in the area of human factors and aerospace safety, and activities such as successful safety and regulatory initiatives or accident case studies. In every issue there is also an invited position paper by an internationally respected author, providing a critical overview of a particular area of human factors and aerospace safety, with the aim of developing theory and setting a research agenda for the future. Other features of the journal include: a critical incidents section describing recent aviation incidents with human factors root causes, a calendar of events, listing forthcoming international conferences, seminars and workshops of interest to the reader, and occasional book reviews.

part |23 pages

Position Paper

chapter |23 pages

Development of the NOTECHS (non-technical skills) system for assessing pilots’ CRM skills

ByRhona Flin, Lynne Martin, Klaus-Martin Goeters, Hans-Jürgen Hörmann, René Amalberti, Claude Valot, Herman Nijhuis

part |55 pages

Formal Papers

chapter |26 pages

Using high fidelity simulator for aircraft inspection training: development and evaluation

ByAnand K. Gramopadhye, Brian J. Melloy, Stacey Chen, Xiaochun Jiang, Mohammad T. Khasawneh, Sittichai Kaewkuekool, Shannon R. Bowling

chapter |11 pages

Response time to reject a takeoff

ByDon Harris, Humaira Khan

part |11 pages

Practitioner Paper

chapter |11 pages

Fatigue in aircrew from shorthaul flights in civil aviation: the effects of work schedules

BySamira Bourgeois-Bougrine, Philippe Gabon, Régis Mollard, Alex Coblentz, Jean-Jacques Speyer

part |6 pages


chapter |3 pages

Royal Aeronautical Society Human Factors Group

ByPieter Hemsley

chapter |2 pages

Calendar of Events

Edited ByDon Harris, Helen C. Muir