This title was first published in 2001. Inspired by the thirtieth anniversary of Shelter Scotland, this volume provides an overview of Scottish housing policies and legislation, looks back at the changes to major tenures, eviction policies and homelessness over the past thirty years and explores the potential of the new Scottish Parliament to bring about change in this important social, political and economic arena.

chapter 1|4 pages


ByColin Jones, Peter Robson

chapter 2|30 pages

The Extent, Spatial Pattern and Causes of Homelessness

ByColin Jones, Chris Leishman

chapter 3|24 pages

The House of Lords and Homeless People's Rights

ByPeter Robson

chapter 4|12 pages

Security of Tenure and Eviction Policy

ByJonathan Mitchell

chapter 5|18 pages

Housing and Local Government

ByRobina Goodlad

chapter 6|21 pages

Housing Associations: the New Kid on the Block

ByRaymond Young

chapter 7|24 pages

Scottish Homes: A Legacy

ByDouglas Robertson

chapter 8|14 pages

The Private Rented Sector

ByPaul Spicker

chapter 9|33 pages

Owner Occupation: New Patterns, Policies and Parliament

ByDuncan Maclennan