Science during the Cold War has become a matter of lively interest within the historical research community, attracting the attention of scholars concerned with the history of science, the Cold War, and environmental history. The Arctic—recognized as a frontier of confrontation between the superpowers, and consequently central to the Cold War—has also attracted much attention. This edited collection speaks to this dual interest by providing innovative and authoritative analyses of the history of Arctic science during the Cold War.

part 11|2 pages

Introductory perspectives

chapter 1|17 pages

Introduction: Cold War science in the North American Arctic

ByStephen Bocking, Daniel Heidt

part 212|2 pages

Strategic science

part 1073|2 pages

Cold War economies

part 1754|2 pages

Science crossing borders

chapter 12|20 pages

Institutions and the changing nature of Arctic research during the early Cold War

ByLize-Marié van der Watt, Peder Roberts, Julia Lajus

part 2755|2 pages

Epilogue: global Cold War—the Antarctic and the Arctic

chapter 16|19 pages

Antarctic science and the Cold War

ByAdrian Howkins