Originally published in 1989. This book addresses a number of issues integral to the education of girls in Australia. Among these are: teacher practices inside and outside the classroom, co-education versus single-sex schooling, curriculum design, students’ self-esteem and long-term aspirations. Intervention programs which tackle these issues – in mathematics, science and sport – are described and evaluated. Throughout, the collection functions as a meeting ground for practice and current research.



chapter |11 pages


ByShirley N. Sampson

chapter 1|14 pages

Girls’ expectations

ByMillicent E. Poole, David G. Beswick

chapter 2|13 pages

Is ‘gender-inclusive’ curriculum the answer for girls?

ByVictoria Foster

chapter 3|10 pages

Girls, PE and sports

ByHenny Oldenhove

chapter 4|9 pages

Tasmanian schools co-operate

BySan Fitzgibbon

chapter 5|15 pages

A rural girls’ self-esteem project

ByLyn Martinez, Anne Diamond, Leonie Daws

chapter 6|11 pages

Living curricula

ByTerry Evans

chapter 7|14 pages

Do girls count in mathematics?

ByGilah C. Leder

chapter 8|7 pages

The Family Maths Project

ByJocelyn Vasey

chapter 9|13 pages

A rescue operation

ByMary Barnes

chapter 10|10 pages

In favour of compulsory science

ByLesley H. Parker, Jenny A. Offer

chapter 11|11 pages

A science teachers’ collective

chapter 12|5 pages

Are boys a barrier for girls in science?

ByShirley N. Sampson

chapter 13|14 pages

From single-sex to coed schools

ByHerbert W. Marsh, Lee Owens, Margaret R. Marsh, Ian D. Smith