The Handbook of Formative Assessment in the Disciplines meaningfully addresses current developments in the field, offering a unique and timely focus on domain dependency. Building from an updated definition of formative assessment, the book covers the integration of measurement principles into practice; the operationalization of formative assessment within specific domains, beyond generic strategies; evolving research directions including student involvement and self-regulation; and new approaches to the challenges of incorporating formative assessment training into pre-service and in-service educator training.

As supporters of large-scale testing programs increasingly consider the potential of formative assessments to improve teaching and learning, this handbook advances the subject through novel frameworks, intersections of theory, research, and practice, and attention to discernible disciplines. Written for instructors, graduate students, researchers, and policymakers, each chapter provides expert perspectives on the procedures and evaluations that enable teachers to adapt teaching and learning in-process toward student achievement.

part I|31 pages

Theoretical Advances

chapter 1|17 pages

Formative Assessment

History, Definition, and Progress
ByGregory J. Cizek, Heidi L. Andrade, Randy E. Bennett

chapter 2|12 pages

Integrating Measurement Principles into Formative Assessment

ByRandy E. Bennett

part II|137 pages

Intersections of Theory, Research, and Best Practices in Formative Assessment in the Disciplines

chapter 3|33 pages

Formative Assessment in Mathematics

ByHugh Burkhardt, Alan Schoenfeld

chapter 4|29 pages

Scenario-Based Formative Assessment of Key Practices in the English Language Arts

ByPaul Deane, Jesse R. Sparks

chapter 5|29 pages

Formative Assessment in Science Education

Mapping a Shifting Terrain
ByErin Marie Furtak, Sara C. Heredia, Deb Morrison

chapter 6|20 pages

Formative Assessment in the Arts

ByHeidi L. Andrade, Joanna Hefferen, Maria E. Palma

chapter 7|24 pages

Formative Assessment in Higher Education

An Example from Astronomy
ByAnders Jönsson, Urban Eriksson

part III|94 pages

Professional Preparation in Formative Assessment

chapter 8|34 pages

Creating Formative Assessment Systems in the Teaching of Writing, and Harnessing Them as Professional Development

ByLucy Calkins, Mary Ehrenworth, Diana Akhmedjanova

chapter 9|36 pages

Teacher Preparation in Mathematics

ByMargaret Heritage, Caroline Wylie

chapter 10|22 pages


Why Formative Assessment is Always Both Domain-General and Domain-Specific and What Matters is the Balance Between the Two
ByDylan Wiliam