Originally published in 1991, this book examines the spatial implications of the changes to the automobile industry at world, national and local levels. The volume brings together the work of North American, European and Japanese geographers, economists and sociologists, and includes perspectives from the components industry, the shop floor experience and local economic policy making.


chapter 1|18 pages

Motor vehicle manufacturing: the representative industry

ByChristopher M. Law

chapter 2|42 pages

The world automotive industry in transition

ByGerald T. Bloomfield

chapter 5|29 pages

The impact of Japanese investment in the United States

ByJames M. Rubenstein

chapter 6|13 pages

Nothing new about Nissan?

ByPhilip Garrahan, Paul Stewart

chapter 7|13 pages

Motor components: locational issues in an international industry

ByDavid Froggatt

chapter 10|16 pages

Subcontracting in the motor industry: a case study in Coventry

ByMike Rawlinson