The Modernization of the Western World presents an overview of the history of Western civilization and provides readers with the intellectual tools they need to comprehend how societies function and change. Covering Western history from ancient history to the current era of globalization, it draws on the tradition of historical sociology to describe the forces of social change and what they have meant to the lives of the people caught in the midst of them.

This second edition is revised throughout to bring the content up to date with recent developments and discusses key themes such as terrorism, refugees, the European Union and multinational corporations. It also includes a new chapter on the Ancient World, covering this era from the advent of urbanization and agriculture in the Middle East to the fall of Rome and emergence of Christianity, providing valuable historical context.

Clear and concise, this book succinctly illustrates the essential turning points in the history of Western society and identifies the economic, social, political and cultural forces that are transforming the wider world to this day. Illustrated with maps and images and containing a glossary and new boxed features explaining key concepts, this is the perfect introductory book for students of the development of Western civilization.

chapter 4|11 pages

Europe in the Middle Ages

Medieval Society

chapter 7|14 pages

The Reformation

chapter 8|14 pages

Commerce, Cities, and Capitalism

chapter 10|7 pages

The Enlightenment

chapter 11|17 pages

The French Revolution

chapter 12|14 pages

The Industrial Revolution

chapter 15|9 pages

Nationalism and Nations

chapter 16|11 pages

The Age of Empire

chapter 17|15 pages

The Great War

chapter 18|11 pages

Europe between Wars

chapter 19|14 pages

The Rise of Fascism

chapter 20|21 pages

Total War

World War II

chapter 21|14 pages

The Cold War

chapter 22|15 pages

Globalization and Social Change

chapter 23|13 pages

Terror and Terrorism