Often, research concerning the female offender is scarce. This book adds to the criminological literature on the topic of reentry for women, focusing on the barriers women face as they return to society and adjust to life after incarceration. Each chapter addresses specific issues, challenges, and obstacles affiliated with the hindrance of successful reentry processes associated with female offenders, as well as data-driven empirical studies.

While corrections has often misunderstood or overlooked the needs of returning offenders, the shortcomings of the institutions have a greater impact on women than on their male counterparts, particularly regarding the occurrence of social and medical problems, especially those related to mental health and substance abuse. Female Offenders and Reentry helps criminal justice students and practitioners see the full picture when considering the challenges faced by female offenders reintegrating into society.

chapter 1|4 pages


chapter 2|23 pages

Transportation Issues

chapter Case Study 4A|14 pages

Female Offenders, Mental Illness, and Recidivism

An Examination of Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders Among a Sample of Female Parolees Released to the City of Philadelphia

chapter Case Study 5A|15 pages

Women Offenders and Drug Courts

Does Gender Matter?

chapter 8|15 pages

Having to Check Yes

The Stigma of a Criminal Record and Other Challenges to Obtaining Meaningful Employment for Released Female Offenders

chapter 12|18 pages

Making It on the Outside

Reintegration Challenges of Girls and Women of Color

chapter 13|14 pages

Wrongful Convictions

chapter 14|27 pages

Future Directions/Best Practices

chapter Case Study 14A|22 pages

Desistance From Crime During Reintegration