Following the success of three previous editions, this new edition of Newborn Surgery continues to provide the most comprehensive information on the surgical management of neonatal disorders. Each chapter is thoroughly revised and updated, and there are eight new chapters on key topics in the specialty, including neonatal care in the delivery room, specific risks for pre-term infants, surgical safety, tissue engineering and stem cell research, and surgical implications of HIV.

part 1|2 pages


chapter 1|14 pages

Embryology of malformations

ByDietrich Kluth, Wolfgang Lambrecht, Christoph Bührer, Roman Metzger

chapter 2|11 pages

Transition to extrauterine life

ByCarlos E. Blanco, Eduardo Villamor

chapter 3|12 pages

Clinical anatomy of the newborn

ByMark D. Stringer, S. Ali Mirjalili

chapter 4|7 pages

The epidemiology of birth defects

ByEdwin C. Jesudason

chapter 5|16 pages

Prenatal diagnosis of surgical conditions

ByN. Scott Adzick

chapter 6|9 pages

Fetal counseling for surgical malformations

ByKokila Lakhoo

chapter 7|13 pages

Fetal and birth trauma

ByPrem Puri, Piotr Hajduk

chapter 8|8 pages

Transport of the surgical neonate

ByPrem Puri, Julia Zimmer

chapter 9|7 pages

Specific risks for the preterm infant

ByEmily A. Kieran, Colm P. F. O’Donnell

chapter 10|15 pages

Preoperative assessment

ByJohn Gillick, Dawn Deacy, Prem Puri

chapter 11|10 pages


ByNicholas Eustace, Kay O’Brien

chapter 12|11 pages

Postoperative management of the surgical neonate

BySuzanne Crowe

chapter 13|14 pages

Fluid and electrolyte balance in the newborn

ByJudith Meehan, Joseph Chukwu, Winifred A. Gorman, Eleanor J. Molloy

chapter 14|10 pages


BySimon Eaton, Agostino Pierro

chapter 15|14 pages

Access for enteral nutrition

ByMichael W. L. Gauderer, Julia Zimmer

chapter 16|6 pages

Stomas of small and large intestine

ByAndrea Bischoff, Alberto Peña

chapter 17|8 pages

Vascular access in the newborn

ByBeth A. Rymeski, Frederick C. Ryckman

chapter 18|11 pages

Radiology in the newborn

ByJ. Kelleher, Ian H. W. Robinson, Roisin Hayes

chapter 19|18 pages

Immune system of the newborn

ByJudith Meehan, Murwan Omer, Fiona O’hare, Denis J. Reen, Eleanor J. Molloy

chapter 20|16 pages

Neonatal sepsis

ByJamie Golden, Jessica A. Zagory, Christopher P. Gayer, Tracy C. Grikscheit, Henri R. Ford

chapter 21|12 pages

Hematological problems in the neonate

ByAndrea M. Malone, Owen P. Smith

chapter 22|16 pages

Genetics in neonatal surgical practice

ByAndrew Green

chapter 23|10 pages

Ethical considerations in newborn surgery

ByDonna A. Caniano, Jacqueline J. Glover

chapter 24|11 pages

Patient safety

ByIain Yardley

chapter 25|10 pages

Minimally invasive neonatal surgery

ByRichard Keijzer, Oliver J. Muensterer, Keith E. Georgeson

chapter 26|9 pages

Fetal surgery

ByHanmin Lee, Benjamin Padilla

chapter 27|14 pages

Tissue engineering and stem cell research

ByPaolo De Coppi

chapter 28|9 pages

Surgical aspects of HIV infection

ByAlastair J. W. Millar, Brian Eley, Sharon Cox

chapter 29|11 pages

Liver transplantation

ByAlastair J. W. Millar, CWN Spearman

part 2|2 pages

Head and neck

chapter 30|5 pages

Choanal atresia

ByMira Sadadcharam, John D. Russell

chapter 31|7 pages

Pierre Robin sequence

ByUdo Rolle, Aranka Ifert, Robert Sader

chapter 32|3 pages


ByThambipillai Sri Paran, George G. Youngson

chapter 33|10 pages

Tracheostomy in infants

ByJeyanthi Kulasegarah, Thom Lobe, John D. Russell

chapter 34|10 pages

Congenital cysts and sinuses of the neck

ByYousef El-Gohary, Joseph Fusco, George K. Gittes

chapter 35|9 pages

Stridor in infants

BySam J. Daniel, Faisal Zawawi

part 3|2 pages


chapter 36|9 pages

Congenital thoracic deformities

ByKonstantinos Papadakis, Robert C. Shamberger

chapter 37|6 pages

Mediastinal masses in the newborn

ByIsrael Fernandez-Pineda, Stephen J. Shochat

chapter 38|14 pages

Congenital airway malformations

ByAlessandro de Alarcón, Richard G. Azizkhan

chapter 39|13 pages

Vascular rings

ByBenjamin O. Bierbach, John Mark Redmond, Christopher Hart

chapter 40|6 pages

Pulmonary air leaks

ByPrem Puri, Jens Dingemann

chapter 41|9 pages

Chylothorax and other pleural effusions in neonates

ByMiho Watanabe, Belinda Hsi Dickie, Richard G. Azizkhan

chapter 42|16 pages

Congenital malformations of the lung

ByShannon M. Koehler, Keith T. Oldham

chapter 43|12 pages

Congenital diaphragmatic hernia

ByPrem Puri, Julia Zimmer

chapter 44|14 pages

Extracorporeal life support for neonatal cardiorespiratory failure

ByWilliam Middlesworth, Jeffrey W. Gander, Charles J. H. Stolar

chapter 45|7 pages

Bronchoscopy in the newborn

ByMira Sadadcharam, Rohit Umesh Verma, John D. Russell

part 4|2 pages


chapter 46|16 pages

Esophageal atresia and tracheo-esophageal fistula

ByPaul D. Losty

chapter 47|6 pages

Congenital esophageal stenosis

ByMasaki Nio, Motoshi Wada, Hideyuki Sasaki

chapter 48|6 pages

Esophageal duplication cysts

ByDakshesh H. Parikh, Michael Singh

chapter 49|5 pages

Esophageal perforation in the newborn

ByDavid S. Foley

chapter 50|11 pages

Gastroesophageal reflux in the neonate and small infant

ByMichael E. Höllwarth

part 5|2 pages


chapter 51|6 pages

Pyloric atresia and prepyloric antral diaphragm

ByAlessio Pini Prato, Vincenzo Jasonni, Girolamo Mattioli

chapter 52|15 pages

Infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis

ByPrem Puri, Balazs Kutasy, Ganapathy Lakshmanadass

chapter 53|7 pages

Gastric volvulus

ByAlan E. Mortell, Brendan R. O’Connor

chapter 54|6 pages

Gastric perforation

ByAdam C. Alder, Robert K. Minkes

chapter 55|17 pages

Duodenal obstruction

ByYechiel Sweed, Alon Yulevich

chapter 56|3 pages

Intestinal malrotation

ByAugusto Zani, Agostino Pierro

chapter 57|6 pages

Congenital hyperinsulinism

ByPaul R. V. Johnson

chapter 58|13 pages

Jejunoileal atresia and stenosis

ByAlastair J. W. Millar, Alp Numanoglu, Sharon Cox

chapter 59|8 pages

Colonic and rectal atresias

ByTomas Wester

chapter 60|6 pages

Meconium ileus

ByGuido Ciprandi, Massimo Rivosecchi

chapter 61|7 pages

Meconium peritonitis

ByJose L. Peiró, Jose Boix-ochoa

chapter 62|11 pages

Duplications of the alimentary tract

ByPrem Puri, Alan E. Mortell, Farhan Tareen

chapter 63|6 pages

Mesenteric and omental cysts

ByBenno Ure, Christoph Zoeller

chapter 64|5 pages

Neonatal ascites

ByPrem Puri, Elke Ruttenstock

chapter 65|7 pages

Necrotizing enterocolitis

ByStephanie C. Papillon, Scott S. Short, Henri R. Ford

chapter 66|7 pages

Spontaneous intestinal perforation

ByMark D. Stringer

chapter 67|17 pages

Hirschsprung’s disease

ByPrem Puri, Christian Tomuschat

chapter 68|17 pages

Anorectal anomalies

ByAndrea Bischoff, Alberto Peña

chapter 69|9 pages

Congenital pouch colon

ByAmulya K. Saxena, Praveen Mathur

chapter 70|4 pages

Congenital segmental dilatation of the intestine

ByYoshiaki Takahashi, Yoshinori Hamada, Tomoaki Taguchi

chapter 71|5 pages


BySpencer W. Beasley

chapter 72|8 pages

Inguinal hernia

ByThambipillai Sri Paran, Prem Puri

chapter 73|10 pages

Short bowel syndrome and surgical techniques for the baby with short intestines

ByMichael E. Höllwarth

chapter 74|8 pages

Megacystis microcolon intestinal hypoperistalsis syndrome

ByPrem Puri, Jan-Hendrik Gosemann

part 6|2 pages

Liver and biliary tract

chapter 75|14 pages

Biliary atresia

ByMark Davenport

chapter 76|11 pages

Congenital biliary dilatation

ByHiroyuki Koga, Atsuyuki Yamataka

chapter 77|7 pages

Hepatic cysts and abscesses

ByJonathan P. Roach, David A. Partrick, Frederick M. Karrer

part 7|2 pages

Anterior abdominal wall defects

chapter 78|10 pages

Omphalocele and gastroschisis

BySteven W. Bruch, Jacob C. Langer

chapter 79|4 pages

Omphalomesenteric duct remnants

ByKenneth K. Y. Wong, Paul K. H. Tam

chapter 80|10 pages

Bladder exstrophy: Considerations and management of the newborn patient

ByPeter P. Stuhldreher, John P. Gearhart

chapter 81|8 pages

Cloacal exstrophy

ByAlonso Carrasco Jr., Duncan T. Wilcox, Vijaya M. Vemulakonda

chapter 82|8 pages

Prune belly syndrome

BySalvatore Cascio, Hideshi Miyakita, Prem Puri

chapter 83|10 pages

Conjoined twins

ByJuan A. Tovar, Leopoldo Martinez

part 8|2 pages


chapter 84|16 pages

Epidemiology and genetic associations of neonatal tumors

BySam W. Moore

chapter 85|16 pages

Hemangiomas and vascular malformations

ByBelinda Hsi Dickie, Arin K. Greene, Steven J. Fishman

chapter 86|17 pages

Congenital nevi

ByLee W. T. Alkureishi, Bruce S. Bauer

chapter 87|12 pages

Lymphatic malformations

ByEmily R. Christison-Lagay, Jacob C. Langer

chapter 88|5 pages

Cervical teratomas

ByMichael W. L. Gauderer

chapter 89|12 pages

Sacrococcygeal teratoma

ByKevin C. Pringle

chapter 90|7 pages

Nasal tumors

ByUdo Rolle

chapter 91|12 pages


ByAndrew M. Davidoff

chapter 92|5 pages

Soft-tissue sarcoma

ByMartin T. Corbally

chapter 93|23 pages

Hepatic tumors

ByBenjamin A. Farber, William J. Hammond, Michael P. La Quaglia

chapter 94|5 pages

Congenital mesoblastic nephroma and Wilms tumor

ByPhilip J. Hammond, Robert Carachi

chapter 95|10 pages

Neonatal ovarian masses

ByRachael L. Polis, Mary E. Fallat, Chad Wiesenauer

part 9|2 pages

Spina bifida and hydrocephalus

chapter 96|13 pages

Spina bifida and encephalocele

ByJothy Kandasamy, Mark A. Hughes, Conor L. Mallucci

chapter 97|11 pages


ByJothy Kandasamy, Maggie K. Lee, Mark A. Hughes, Conor L. Mallucci

part 10|2 pages


chapter 98|9 pages

Urinary tract infections

ByMartin Koyle

chapter 99|19 pages

Imaging of the renal tract in the neonate

ByMelanie Hiorns, Lorenzo Biassoni

chapter 100|19 pages

Management of antenatal hydronephrosis

ByJack S. Elder

chapter 101|9 pages

Multicystic dysplastic kidney

ByDavid F. M. Thomas, Azad S. Najmaldin

chapter 102|15 pages

Upper urinary tract obstructions

ByPrem Puri, Boris Chertin

chapter 103|7 pages

Ureteral duplication anomalies

ByPrem Puri, Hideshi Miyakita

chapter 104|9 pages

Vesicoureteral reflux

ByPrem Puri, Manuela Hunziker

chapter 105|11 pages

Ureteroceles in the newborn

ByJonathan F. Kalisvaart, Andrew J. Kirsch

chapter 106|17 pages

Posterior urethral valves

ByPaolo Caione, Michele Innocenzi

chapter 107|8 pages

Neurogenic bladder in the neonate

BySalvatore Cascio, Malcolm A. Lewis

chapter 108|8 pages


ByDevendra K. Gupta, Shilpa Sharma

chapter 109|15 pages

Disorders of sexual development

ByMaria Marcela Bailez

chapter 110|7 pages

Male genital anomalies

ByJohn M. Hutson

chapter 111|3 pages

Neonatal testicular torsion

ByDavid M. Burge, Jonathan Durell

part 11|2 pages

Long-term outcomes in newborn surgery

chapter 112|26 pages

Long-term outcomes in newborn surgery

ByChristian Tomuschat, Keith T. Oldham, Casey M. Calkins