This book, first published in 1990, addresses the broad cultural phenomenon that is postmodernism. The first part of the book raises some general theoretical questions about postmodernism – its language and its politics, for example. The second section attends to particular ‘sites’, namely the various arts themselves and the philosophical understanding of them. Here one finds specific readings of architecture, painting, literature, theatre, photography, film, television, dance and fashion.

chapter |9 pages

Introduction: The philosophy of Postmodernism

Edited ByHugh J. Silverman

part I|261 pages


chapter 1|250 pages

Back to the Future

ByMark C. Taylor

chapter 2|231 pages

Postmodern Language

ByCharles E. Scott

chapter 3|218 pages

The Contradictory Character of Postmodernism

ByDonald Kuspit

chapter 4|203 pages

Postmodernism and (Post) Marxism

ByJohn O'Neill

part II|219 pages


chapter 5|193 pages

In Situ: Beyond the Architectonics of The Modern

ByStephen H. Watson

chapter 6|177 pages

A Postmodern Language in Art

ByDorothea Olkowski-Laetz

chapter 7|161 pages

The Otherness of Words: Joyce, Bakhtin, Heidegger

ByGerald L. Bruns

chapter 8|145 pages

Postmodernism and Theater

ByFred McGlynn

chapter 9|130 pages

Lucid Intervals: Postmodernism and Photography

ByAllen S. Weiss

chapter 10|114 pages

Filming: inscriptions of Denken

ByWilhelm S. Wurzer, Hugh J. Silverman

chapter 11|107 pages

The Televised and the Untelevised: Keeping an eye on/off the Tube

ByBrian Seitz

chapter 12|90 pages

Postmodernism in Dance: Dance, Discourse, Democracy

ByDavid Michael Levin

chapter 13|66 pages

Obsolescence and Desire: Fashion and the Commodity Form

ByGail Faurschou