Examining the roles, impacts and challenges of civil society organizations (CSOs) in Latin America, this volume provides a broad perspective on the range of strategies these organizations employ and the obstacles they face in advocating for and delivering educational reform. Building on previous research on international and comparative education, development studies, research on social movements and nongovernmental organizations, chapter authors provides new insights about the increasing presence of CSOs in education and offer case studies demonstrating how these organizations‘ missions have evolved over time in Latin America.

chapter |17 pages


The Role of Civil Society Organizations in Education
ByRegina Cortina, Constanza Lafuente

chapter 1|24 pages

“Only Quality Education Will Change Mexico”

The Case of Mexicanos Primero
ByRegina Cortina, Constanza Lafuente

chapter 2|21 pages

Mexicanos Primero

Efforts to Account to Parents and Teachers
ByConstanza Lafuente, Regina Cortina

chapter 3|22 pages

The Student Movements to Transform the Chilean Market-Oriented Education System 1

ByCristián Bellei, Cristian Cabalin, Víctor Orellana

chapter 4|23 pages

The Círculos de Aprendizaje Program in Colombia

The Scaling-Up Process
ByLaura María Vega-Chaparro

chapter 5|21 pages

Social Advocacy in Neoliberal Times

Non-governmental Organizations in Ecuador’s Refugee Landscape
ByDiana Rodríguez-Gómez

chapter 6|24 pages

The Implications of Education Advocacy for Civil Society Organizations

ByConstanza Lafuente