The Routledge Handbook of Chinese Language Teaching defines Chinese language teaching in a pedagogical, historical, and contemporary context. Throughout the volume, teaching methods are discussed, including the traditional China-based approach, and Western methods such as communicative teaching and the immersion program.

The Handbook also presents a pedagogical model covering pronunciation, tones, characters, vocabulary, grammar, and the teaching of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The remaining chapters explore topics of language assessment, technology enhanced instruction, teaching materials and resources, Chinese for specific purposes, classroom implementation, social contexts of language teaching and language teaching policies, and pragmatics and culture.

Ideal for scholars and researchers of Chinese language teaching, the Handbook will benefit educators and teacher training programs. This is the first comprehensive volume exploring the growing area of Chinese language pedagogy.

chapter |13 pages


Relationships and Motivation in Chinese Language Teaching

part I|63 pages


chapter 1|15 pages

Teaching Chinese as a First Language in China

Review and comparison

chapter 2|15 pages

From ‘Chinese to Foreigners’ to ‘Chinese International Education’

China’s Efforts in Promoting Its Language Worldwide
Edited ByChris Shei

chapter 4|14 pages

Teaching Chinese as a Heritage Language

part II|70 pages

Chinese Language Pedagogy

part III|106 pages

Teaching Chinese Pronunciation and Characters

chapter 10|14 pages

Teaching Chinese Tones

chapter 12|16 pages

Teaching Chinese Pronunciation

Explanation, Expectation, and Implementation

chapter 14|13 pages

Teaching Chinese Characters

What We Know and What We Can Do

part IV|63 pages

Teaching Chinese Words and Grammar

part V|104 pages

Materials and Curricula

part VI|139 pages

Instructional Media and Resources

chapter 27|15 pages

Teaching Chinese Through Film

Rationale, Practice, and Future Directions

chapter 33|18 pages

Business Chinese Instruction

Past, Present, and Future 1

part VII|95 pages

Teaching Context and Policy