The social implications of multilingualism is a field of study on whcih systematic research began only in the second half of the 20th century in Africa. This book, originally published in 1971, contains papers which concentrate on East Africa but it also discusses theoretical problems and methods arising from socio-linguistic studies outside the African field. These include studies on national languages and languages of wider communication in developing nations; the communication role of languages in multilingual societies; and social and cognitive aspects of bilingualism.

chapter |23 pages


Edited ByW. H. Whiteley

chapter I|30 pages

National Languages and Languages of Wider Communication in the Developing Nations 1

Edited ByJoshua A. Fishman

chapter II|18 pages

Communication Roles of Languages in Multilingual Societies

Edited ByEugene A. Nida, William L. Wonderly

chapter III|20 pages

Restricted Codes in Socio-linguistics and the Sociology of Education 1

Edited ByW. P. Robinson

chapter IV|16 pages

A Social Psychology of Bilingualism 1

Edited ByWallace E. Lambert

chapter V|15 pages

Cognitive Aspects of Bilingual Communication

Edited ByJohn J. Gumperz, Eduardo Hernandez Ch.

chapter VI|17 pages

The Interrelationships and Utility of Alternative Bilingualism Measures 1

Edited ByJoshua A. Fishman, Robert L. Cooper

chapter VII|15 pages

Linguistic Complexity in Uganda 1

Edited ByClive Criper, Peter Ladefoged

chapter VIII|19 pages

Tanzania’s National Language Policy and the Rise of Swahili Political Culture

Edited ByM. H. Abdulaziz

chapter IX|19 pages

Islam and the English Language in East and West Africa

Edited ByAli A. Mazrui

chapter X|23 pages

Socio-linguistic Implications of a Choice of Media of Instruction

Edited ByT.P. Gorman

chapter XII|20 pages

Contrasting Patterns of Literacy Acquisition in a Multilingual Nation

Edited ByC. A. Ferguson

chapter XIII|8 pages

A Few Observations on Language Use Among Cameroonese Éite Families

Edited ByPierre Alexandre

chapter XIV|12 pages

The Role of Broadcasting in the Adaptation of the Somali Language to Modern Needs

Edited ByB. W. Andrzejewski

chapter XV|14 pages

The Elaboration of Basic Wolof

Edited ByE. Victor Niemeyer

chapter XVII|9 pages

Problems of Terminology

Edited ByHailu Fulass

chapter XVIII|16 pages

The Madina Project, Ghana (Language Attitudes in Madina)

Edited ByJack Berry

chapter XIX|13 pages

Asians in Nairobi: A Preliminary Survey

Edited ByBarbara Neale

chapter XX|17 pages

Language Choice in Two Kampala Housing Estates

Edited ByDavid J. Parkin

chapter XXI|12 pages

Multilingualism in an African Urban Centre: The Lubumbashi Case

Edited ByEdgar C. PolomÉ

chapter XXII|21 pages

Cross Cultural Meanings and Multilingualism

Edited ByAidan Southall