This unique book features a collection of lively stories on the integration of Intensive Interaction practice into schools and adult service settings. It addresses communication development, both from a micro and macro level across a variety of service settings, with each chapter written by a different practitioner. These personal accounts cover individual practice and reflection with a single case-study person, as well as influencing organisational change.

The authors assert that within adult services and educational settings, Intensive Interaction can be used as a way to develop communication and confidence and to work with the principles of inclusion and person-centred acceptance and support. The book develops an understanding of issues that can be addressed within training and mentoring other staff, and uses case studies throughout as a powerful training tool.

Filled with practical advice and techniques to develop communication with people who find it hard to communicate, as well as guidance on ensuring the sustainable extension of the use of Intensive Interaction by embedding the approach within organisational ways of working, this book will be of value to anyone working within children and adult services for people with communication impairments.

chapter 1|4 pages


chapter 2|12 pages

Becoming the beads

An Intensive Interaction journey with Hayden

chapter 4|11 pages

Learning together through human connection

Individualised care at its best

chapter 5|19 pages

Less is more

Working with a person with PMLD

chapter 8|11 pages

Managing a service that specialises in Intensive Interaction provision

A discussion between Cath Brockie and Jules McKim, co-editor

chapter 9|8 pages

Opening the box

Accessing our ability to enjoy and understand interaction

chapter 10|8 pages

Intensive Interaction

From Einstein to Lady Gaga