International Environmental Governance reviews the contentious approaches to addressing global and transboundary environmental threats. The volume collects together the most influential and important literature on the major political approaches to dealing with these problems, their histories, major debates, and research frontiers. It is accompanied by a substantial introduction which reviews the evolution of the academic contribution to environmental governance, focusing on a wide array of international environmental problems.

part |1 pages

History of Environmental Governance

chapter |23 pages

Methods to Expedite Environment Protection: International Ecostandards

ByPaolo Contini, Peter H. Sand

chapter |18 pages

One Year After Stockholm

An Ecological Approach to Management
ByMaurice F. Strong

part |1 pages

Nature of Environmental Governance Problem

chapter |6 pages

The Tragedy of the Commons

Edited ByPeter M. Haas

chapter |5 pages

The Struggle to Govern the Commons

ByThomas Dietz, Elinor Ostrom, Paul C. Stern

chapter |6 pages

The environmental information needs of the decision-maker

ByMartin W. Holdgate

part |1 pages

Realism and Power Politics

chapter |19 pages

The Management of International Affairs

ByKenneth N. Waltz

part |1 pages

Institutional Bargaining

chapter |14 pages

Institutions for the EARTH Promoting International Environmental Protection

ByMarc A. Levy, Peter M. Haas, Robert O. Keohane

chapter |29 pages

The interest-based explanation of international environmental policy

ByDetlef Sprinz, Tapani Vaahtoranta

chapter |18 pages

Constructing Effective Environmental Regimes

ByGeorge W. Downs

part |1 pages

Scientific Governance

chapter |30 pages

Learning to Learn: Improving International Governance

ByPeter M. Haas, Ernst B. Haas

chapter |25 pages

The Role of Science in Environmental Regimes: The Case of LRTAP

ByRolf Lidskog, Göran Sundovist

chapter |42 pages

Conclusions: Patterns of Regime Effectiveness 1

ByArild Underdal

part |1 pages

Private Governance

chapter |18 pages

Bargains Old and New: Multinational Corporations in Global Governance

ByDavid L. Levy, Aseem Prakash

chapter |32 pages

Green by Choice?

Cross-National Variations in Firms’ Responses to EMS-Based Environmental Regimes
ByKelly Kollman, Aseem Prakash

part |1 pages

Civil Society

chapter |30 pages

Politics Beyond the State

Environmental Activism and World Civic Politics
ByPaul Wapner

chapter |21 pages

NGO Influence in International Environmental Negotiations: A Framework for Analysis

ByMichele M. Betsill, Elisabeth Corell

part |1 pages

Networked Governance

chapter |15 pages

Addressing the Global Governance Deficit

ByPeter M. Haas