The German novelist, poet and critic W. G. Sebald (1944-2001) has in recent years attracted a phenomenal international following for his evocative prose works such as Die Ausgewanderten (The Emigrants), Die Ringe des Saturn (The Rings of Saturn) and Austerlitz, spellbinding elegiac narratives which, through their deliberate blurring of genre boundaries and provocative use of photography, explore questions of Heimat and exile, memory and loss, history and natural history, art and nature. Saturn's Moons: a W. G. Sebald Handbook brings together in one volume a wealth of new critical and visual material on Sebald's life and works, covering the many facets and phases of his literary and academic careers -- as teacher, as scholar and critic, as colleague and as collaborator on translation. Lavishly illustrated, the Handbook also contains a number of rediscovered short pieces by W. G. Sebald, hitherto unpublished interviews, a catalogue of his library, and selected poems and tributes, as well as extensive primary and secondary bibliographies, details of audiovisual material and interviews, and a chronology of life and works. Drawing on a range of original sources from Sebald's Nachlass - the most important part of which is now held in the Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach - Saturn's Moons6g will be an invaluable sourcebook for future Sebald studies in English and German alike, complementing and augmenting recent critical works on subjects such as history, memory, modernity, reader response and the visual. The contributors include Mark Anderson, Anthea Bell, Ulrich von Buelow, Jo Catling, Michael Hulse, Florian Radvan, Uwe Schuette, Clive Scott, Richard Sheppard, Gordon Turner, Stephen Watts and Luke Williams. Jo Catling teaches in the School of Literature at the University of East Anglia and Richard Hibbitt in the Department of French at the University of Leeds.

chapter |13 pages


ByJo Catling, Richard Hibbitt

part I|293 pages

The Writer in Context

chapter 1|26 pages

A Childhood in the Allgäu: Wertach, 1944—52

ByMark M. Anderson

chapter 3|34 pages

At the University: W. G. Sebald in the Classroom

ByGordon Turner*

chapter 4|11 pages

A Watch on Each Wrist: Twelve Seminars with W. G. Sebald

ByLuke Williams

chapter 6|34 pages

Against Germanistik: W. G. Sebald's Critical Essays

ByUwe Schütte

chapter 7|14 pages

Englishing Max

ByMichael Hulse

chapter 8|8 pages

Translating W. G. Sebald — With and Without the Author

ByAnthea Bell

chapter 9|30 pages

Sebald's Photographic Annotations

ByClive Scott

chapter 10|18 pages

The Disappearance of the Author in the Work

Some Reflections on W. G. Sebald's Nachlass in the Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach
ByUlrich von Bülow

chapter 11|34 pages

Bibliotheca abscondita: On W. G. Sebald's Library

ByJo Catling

chapter |9 pages


Max Sebald: A Reminiscence
ByStephen Watts

part |8 pages

Lyrisches Intermezzo

chapter |2 pages

For my Friend, Max Sebald

ByStephen Watts

chapter |1 pages

For Max

ByAnne Beresford

chapter |3 pages

Redundant Epitaphs

ByMichael Hamburger

chapter |1 pages

Il ritorno in patria

ByMichael Hulse

part II|125 pages

The Writer in Dialogue

chapter 1|31 pages

‘Rediscovered’ Pieces by W. G. Sebald

chapter 2|28 pages

Three Conversations with W. G. Sebald

chapter 3|65 pages

A Catalogue of W. G. Sebald's Library

ByJo Catling

part III|218 pages

A Bibliographic Survey

chapter 1|51 pages

Primary Bibliography

ByRichard Sheppard

chapter 2|51 pages

Secondary Bibliography

ByJo Catling, Richard Hibbitt, Lynn Wolff

chapter 3|33 pages

Reviews of Works by W. G. Sebald

ByJo Catling, Richard Hibbitt

chapter 4|11 pages

Audio–Visual Bibliography

ByGordon Turner

chapter 5|27 pages

An Index to Interviews with W. G. Sebald

ByRichard Sheppard

chapter 6|42 pages

W. G. Sebald: A Chronology

ByRichard Sheppard