This survey of writings on the debates about and events relating to Soviet foreign policy concentrates on the Gorbachev period. Changes in Soviet theory and foreign policy decision making are covered in the first section. Twelve articles examine Gorbachevs policy towards a number of different geographic regions, and several more assess the permanence of Gorbachevs foreign policy changes.

chapter |17 pages


ByErik P. Hoffmann

part V|154 pages

Perspectives and Policymaking

chapter 14|13 pages

The Revolution in Soviet Foreign Policy *

ByRobert Legvold

chapter 15|15 pages

New Thinking or New Tactics in Soviet Foreign Policy? *

ByJohn W. Coffey

chapter 17|18 pages

Inventing the Soviet National Interest *

ByStephen Sestanovich

chapter 20|24 pages

The KGB and Soviet Foreign Policy *

ByAmy W. Knight

chapter 21|21 pages

Is Gorbachev Changing the Rules of Defense Decision-Making? *

ByCondoleezza Rice

part VI|231 pages

Policy and Performance

chapter 22|33 pages

The Soviet Military in Transition *

ByWilliam E. Odom

chapter 23|15 pages

New Thinking on Security Issues *

BySusan L. Clark

chapter 24|15 pages

The Soviet Union: A Player in the World Economy? *

ByAkio Kawato

chapter 25|23 pages

Gorbachev’s Foreign Policy: A Diplomacy of Decline*

ByStephen Sestanovich

chapter 26|16 pages

Gorbachev’s Global Doughnut: The Empire with a Hole in the Middle *

ByCharles H. Fairbanks

chapter 27|10 pages

Gorbachev and the West *

ByPierre Hassner

chapter 28|15 pages

U.S.-Soviet Relations: Threshold of a New Era *

ByArnold L. Horelick

chapter 29|26 pages

The New Soviet Approach to Europe *

ByF. Stephen Larrabee

chapter 30|15 pages

The Changing Role of the Soviet Union in the Pacific *

ByDonald S. Zagoria

chapter 31|16 pages

Moscow’s Third World Strategy *

ByAlvin Z. Rubinstein

chapter 32|32 pages

The USSR and the Third World in the 1980’s * †

ByDavid E. Albright

chapter 33|13 pages

Moscow’s U.N. Policy *

ByThomas G. Weiss, Meryl A. Kessler

part VII|103 pages

Retrospect and Prospect

chapter 34|34 pages

The Gorbachev Revolution: A Waning of Soviet Expansionism? *

ByJack Snyder

chapter 35|17 pages

The Soviet Threat in the 1990s *

ByColin S. Gray

chapter 36|15 pages

Idealpolitik *

ByStanley Kober

chapter 37|10 pages

Points of Mutual Advantage: Perestroika and American Foreign Policy *

ByJames A. Baker

chapter 39|11 pages

The Evolution of Soviet Foreign Policy and the Future *

ByRobbin F. Laird