First Published in 1997. Seydelmann's four-hand sonatas are delightful pieces of music, written for the intimate pleasure of both performers. The two parts are consistently of equal technical difficulty and interest, the balance of the dialogue being carefully maintained throughout. They are extremely varied and well-written, with most pleasing melodies. William S. Newman, agreeing with Richard Englander, rightly considered them "among the best examples of this genre from the 18th century."

Six Sonatas for Two Persons at One Keyboard, Sonata I in C major Allegro - Andantino - Allegro di molto, Sonata II in F major Un poco Andante – Andantino, Sonata III in G major Allegro ma poco - Minuetto - Trio – Allegro Sonata IV in C minor, Allegro - Andante - Minuetto – Trio, Sonata V in D major Allegro non molto - Tempo a Polacca - Trio – Rondeau, Sonata VI in C minor Andante - Allegro