Essays in the book focus on the Korean model of industrialization and internal internationalization, organizational capabilities and management roles, and disadvantages inherent in the model. The subjects covered include corporate catch-up strategies, foreign investment, and future possibilities.

Introduction: The Icarus Paradox in Korean Business and Management/CHRIS ROWLEY and JOHNGSEOK BAE -- Financial Contagion in East Asia and the Origins of the Economic and Financial Crisis in Korea/JOHN CATHIE -- The Korean Electronics Industry: The Japanese Role in Its Growth/ROBERT J. CASTLEY -- Latecomer Catch-up Strategies in Electronics: Samsung of Korea and ACER of Taiwan/MIKE HOBDAY -- Global Competition and Latecomer Production Strategies: Samsung of Korea in China/YOUNGSOO KIM -- The Emergence of Korean and Taiwanese Multinationals in Europe: Prospects and Limitations/ROGER VAN HOESEL -- Conclusion: Korean Business and Management — The End of the Model?/CHRIS ROWLEY and JOHNGSEOK BAE -- Abstracts -- Index.