This title is a collection of essays evaluating Elie Kedourie's work and his legacy to scholarship. Of his own work, three pieces are included, and one of his essays: "The Jews of Babylon and Baghdad" is published here for the first time.

Jewish Chronicle 18/9/98

"For such slim books, the price is high - but so is the quality"

The Australian /Israel Review Aug-Sept 1998 - Reviewed by Danial Mandel

LSE Magazine

"Variously described as an angry young man, a sceptic, a conservative, an Oakeshottian, a pessimist and an imprialist, this book reveals much more about the man and his scholarship."

Jewish Journal of Sociology, vol. 40, Nos. 1&2, 1998

"The contributors to this memorial volume are unanimous in their praise for Elie Kedourie".