This edited collection addresses theoretical, political and practical aspects of the connection between external immigration controls and internal welfare controls. It considers the implications for the both those subject to controls and those drawn into the web of implementing internal welfare controls. Topics discussed include:
* forced dispersal of asylum seekers
* local authority and voluntary sector regulations
* nationalism, racism, class and 'fairness'
* strategies for resistance to controls
* USA controls.
The book provides support to those unwittingly drawn into administering controls, showing how the role of welfare workers as immigration control enforcers is not a sudden imposition but has exisited since the introduction of controls in 1905.
From Immigration Controls to Welfare Controls will provide a valuable resource for all those professionals who come into contact with the issues surrounding immigration.

chapter 1|8 pages


Locating the debate

part I|72 pages

Political, historical and international issues

chapter 2|19 pages

Nationalism, racism and immigration control

From anti-racism to anti-capitalism

chapter 3|17 pages

From aliens to asylum seekers

A history of immigration controls and welfare in Britain

chapter 4|12 pages

Immigration controls and class

part II|103 pages

Immigration and welfare: the contemporary issues

chapter 7|20 pages

From a shambles to a new apartheid

Local authorities, dispersal and the struggle to defend asylum seekers

chapter 8|15 pages

From welfare to authoritarianism

The role of social work in immigration controls

chapter 9|16 pages

Dining with the devil

The 1999 Immigration and Asylum Act and the voluntary sector

chapter 10|27 pages

From safety net to exclusion

Ending social security in the UK for ‘persons from abroad’

part III|50 pages

From theory to resistance

chapter 13|15 pages

In and against the state of immigration controls

Strategies for resistance