International Business in China looks at the inner workings of business in China. Each sector is explored in detail against the broader cultural context and regional variations. Throughout, the focus is on the political changes which have taken place in recent years and how this has affected business both within China and the firms interacting with her on an international level. The contributors are all well known for their expertise in international business and have had extensive experience with business in China on a domestic and international level. They provide an excellent blend of succinct analysis and practical guidelines for those interested in discovering more about international business in China.

John Frankenstein, University of Hong Kong; Mark Barnard, University of Hawaii; Oded Shenkar, Tel Aviv University Israel; Stephen Thomas, University of Colorado-Denver USA; Ronald C. Brown, University of Hawaii; Sylvain R. Plasschaert, I.U. Leuven and UFSIA (Antwerp) Belgium; K.K. Seo, College of Business Administration, Hawaii; Aspy P. Palia College of Business Administration Hawaii; Paul W. Beamish, University of Western Ontario Canada; Lorraine Spiess, President of China Trade Consultants; Simcha Ronen, Tel-Aviv University Israel; Kam-Hon Lee, Chinese University of Hong Kong; Thamis Wing-Chun Co, Chinese University of Hong Kong; Guopei Gao, University of International Business and Economics China; Richard W. Brislin, University of Hawaii; C. Harry Hui, Chinese University of Hong Kong;