Pandemic Pedagogies: Teaching and Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic provides critical insights into the impact of the pandemic on the education system, pedagogical approaches, and educational inequalities.

Education is often touted as the best way to promote social mobility and produce informed members of society. The pandemic has significantly threatened those goals by temporarily disrupting education and exacerbating disparities in the education system. The scholarship in this volume takes a closer look at many of the issues at the heart of the educational process including teacher self-efficacy, the gendered and racialized impacts of the pandemic on education, school closures, and institutional responses.

Drawing on the expertise of scholars from around the world, the work presented here represents a remarkable diversity and quality of impassioned scholarship on the impact of COVID-19 and is a timely and critical advance in knowledge related to the pandemic.

1. Introduction  2. Pandemic Pedagogies: Teaching and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic  3. The Subtlety of Simultaneity: A lesson for educators  4. "Expendable and Devalued": A snapshot of higher education’s COVID-19 response  5. School Closures during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Diverse strategies, unequal impacts  6. Schooling During Lockdown: experiences, comparisons and legacies  7. Triage Teaching: Exploring teacher self-efficacy during the COVID-19 pandemic  8. Navigating Structural Inequalities of Mothering in the Academy during COVID-19  9. Liminalities and Possibilities: Latinx pedagogies and practices in pandemic times  10. Gendered Effects of COVID-19 on Faculty Members in Turkey  11. Adapting Technology in Language Teaching and Learning in Sub-Saharan Africa: Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic in Tanzania  12. Careening Toward a Preventable Crisis: Toxic bureaucracy in higher education