The states of West Asia continue to grapple with dramatic changes taking place in the domestic and regional environment. Security has emerged as a significant concern for them. Political upheavals, civil strife, sectarian violence and terrorism in the area have implications on a regional and global order. As the region grapples with myriad socio-economic problems, many extra-regional players and non-state actors, and a few regional ones, are attempting to carve out their own areas of influence. These developments across West Asia demand constant monitoring and careful analyses. This book is a collection of essays exploring various aspects of the changing security paradigm in West Asia and the regional and international responses.

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1. Introduction: Conflict and Instability in the West Asian Region: Multiple Narratives 2. Iran-Saudi Arabia Conflict and the Path to Peace 3. Arab Hopelessness and its Strategic Consequences 4. Turkey’s Middle East Policies 5. The UN and the Palestine Question: Security and Conflict in the Middle East 6. Egypt and Geostrategic Challenges in the Middle East: Terrorism, Alliances, and Political Changes 7. Israel-India Relations: An Evolving Synergy 8. Great Powers Challenge India’s Middle East Strategy 9. Crowded Horizons: A View on the Naval Strategy of the United States of America in the Western Indian Ocean 10. China and the Middle East: New Dynamics but Consistent Policy 11. European Dilemmas in the Middle East: Conflicting Paradigms and Shifting Dynamics 12. Protracted Transition in West Asia 13. Finding the Elusive Peace and Stability: An Overview