First published in 1987, Shelter, Settlement & Development presents a comprehensive and authoritative reappraisal of shelter, settlement and development policies and programs in third world countries. Drawing on the considerable research and advisory experience of an internationally distinguished group of contributors, it introduces new ideas on many themes such as spatial strategies, land policy, shanty town settlements, infrastructure standards and construction obstacles, intricacies of housing finance and household behaviour and preferences. Each facet of the study sums up what can be inferred from past experience: what worked and what did not, and why; what ideas are in currency; what policy choices lie ahead; and most important of all, what further changes are needed to achieve feasible and effective solutions, not quick fixes, or one-shot remedies. There is a special focus on the necessary learning processes so that whatever action is taken is likely to be self-correcting in the light of subsequent experience, reflection and changing circumstances. This book is an essential read for scholars and researchers of development studies, urban studies and planning, and public policy.

New Preface Foreword Preface I. Overview 1. Shelter, settlement, and development: an overview II. Shelter Issues 2. Economic impact and implications of shelter investments 3. Household preferences and expenditure 4. The construction industry 5. Land Policy 6. Infrastructure standards 7. Housing finance institutions 8. Financing Shelter III. Settlement Issues 9. Spatial strategies, the settlement pattern, and shelter and services policies 10. Metropolitan settlement strategies IV: Rethinking Policy, Implementation and Management 11. Shelter, development, and the poor 12. Criteria for future shelter and settlement policies in developing countries 13. The legal and the illegal city 14. New Directions for national shelter policies 15. Institutional learning in shelter and settlement policies Appendices Statistical Appendix A: Trends in the growth and spatial distribution of population Appendix B: A note on US experience on security of tenure and shelter Notes Acknowledgements Notes on contributors List of tables List of figures Index