The number of homeschooling families has grown in recent years, and so has the number of methods for learning at home. In this timely book, you’ll meet diverse families that are engaging in the day-to-day work of a variety of approaches, including self-directed learning, unschooling, nature-based education, farmschooling, Wildschooling, and worldschooling.

Chapters and interludes are written by scholars and families engaged in this work, who show how their approaches take a balanced, slower-paced, and nature-minded approach to learning, nourishing the child’s heart and brain. They also address common critiques of homeschooling and show how it is something that can be normalized and encouraged as a positive educational tool, helping families bond and live life to the fullest. Each chapter includes practical applications you can use right away in your own journey.

Simultaneously inspirational and practical, this book will help guide and motivate those who are considering or already homeschooling to see the possibilities of what learning and education can truly be.

Preface: A Battle Cry from the Homeschooling Community

Chapter 1: From Structured to Stepping Back Ginny Yurich

Chapter 2: The Greenhouse Effect Joel Salatin

Chapter 3: A Unique Education: Unschooling to Adulthood Ben Riley, M.A. & Gina Riley, Ph.D.

Chapter 4: The Parent-Child Apprenticeship: Navigating Learning with Little to No Curriculum

Katie Rybakova Mathews

Chapter 5: Self-Directed Education: An Interview with Dr. Peter Gray

Interlude: The Science Behind Nature-based Learning Michael R. Barnes

Chapter 6: Wildschooling Nicolette Sowder, Founder

Chapter 7: The Journey of a Soulful Artist Monet Poe

Chapter 8: Weaving Unschooling and Forest Schooling in Australia—How it Works for Our Families Nicki Farrell & Vicci Oliver

Chapter 9: A Balance of Screentime and "Green-time": An Interview with Linda McGurk

Interlude: Shared Lessons for Democracy? Robert Kunzman

Chapter 10: Trust in Your Journey: Lessons from a Worldschooling Family George Kaponay

Chapter 11: The True Advantage of Worldschooling: Time Alyson Long

Chapter 12: From Surfing to Schooling: There is More to Homeschool Than Worksheets

Robyn Robledo

Interlude: Mindfulness for Home Educators Hunter Clarke-Fields

I Am