This book examines the contemporary communicational practices of journalists and media outlets and the consumption and reception patterns of audiences in Russia’s provinces with an emphasis on the intergenerational transmission of culture and memory.

Investigating the interaction and issues of contemporary identity, culture, audiences and journalism in a rapidly changing and evolving Russia, this volume goes beyond the large metropolitan centres into the provincial regions of Russia to develop a more comprehensive overview. Despite a popular image that is often projected of Russia as a homogeneous, often threatening entity, its regions are very far from being uniform, with diverse, varied geographies, ethnicities, religions, cultures, resources and economic infrastructure. The perspectives offered by a range of scholars and practitioners explore the generational, political and regional diversities that exist across this vast country and analyse local and regional media.

Covering topics not often discussed, this volume offers an important contribution for everyone interested in Russian politics, culture, journalism and history and the study of local and regional communication studies.

Chapter One: Introduction  Part I – Shaping Content and Perception  Chapter Two: Word Associations as a Source of Internet-Discourse Development  Chapter Three: Perception of Thematic Multimedia Storytelling by the Digital Media Generation  Part II – Culture, Politics and Society in Local Journalism  Chapter Four: Axiological Culture of a Journalist  Chapter Five: Journalist at the Verge of Generations: Intergenerational Differences and Media Presentation Styles  Chapter Six: Periodical Press of the Orenburg Region and Power  Part III – Local and Regional Approaches to ‘News’ Production  Chapter Seven: Concept of Content-Based News Discourse Construction  Chapter Eight: Magic Realism as the Research Optic for Regional News  Chapter Nine: The Sheremetyevo Airport Tragedy Framing in the Context of an Information Agenda and Differentiated Editorial Policy  Chapter Ten: Screen Media as an Interactive Platform for the Generations’ Cultural Experience Transmission   Part IV – Transmitting Communicative and Cultural Memory  Chapter Eleven: Russian Professional Podcasting as an Explorer to the World of Personality and Translator of Communicative and Cultural Memory  Chapter Twelve: Problems of Digitization of Communicative and Cultural Memory in a Multi-ethnic Region of Russia  Chapter Thirteen: Linguistic Markers of Communicative-Cultural Memory of the Generations in the Reflection of the Social Network