Accidents on the road are so common place in our lives today it's easy to believe that there are plenty of support systems in place for the victims. Death and injuries on the road are construed primarily as medico-legal phenomena, re-inforced both by the way accidents are described and by issues of insurance and compensation for damage and personal injury. But there are many profound psychological and social consequences that remain underestimated. Margaret Mitchell has compiled this collection from leading researchers to examine this neglected area for the unseen victims: the families who have to cope with bereavement or a disabled relative, the driver who has killed but is medically uninjured. It will be of great direct value to psychologists, psychiatrists and other health professionals and will serve as a useful reference for those in the legal profession, voluntary associations and those with personal experience of road, traffic, accidents needing advice about where to seek further help.

Dr. Gwen Adshead, therapist; Dr. Michelle Atchison, Private Practice; Dr. Edward B. Blanchard, State University of New York; Bridget Bryant, Oxford University; Dr. Jeremy Broughton, Transport Reasearch Laboratory; Rachel Canterbury, University of London; Giuseppe Di Stefano, Bethesda Clinic of Epilepsy & Neurorehabilitation, Switzerland; Dr. Angela Hetherington, De Montford University; Edward Hickling, Private Practice; Dr. Michael Hobbs, Oxford University; Professor David J. de L. Horne, University of Melbourne; Dr. Glennys Howarth, University of Sussex; Sue Jeavons, La Trobe University, Australia; Dr Sally Lloyd-Bostock, Oxford University; Dr. Warren Loos, Albany Medical School; Dr. Richard Mayou, Oxford University; Professor A. McFarlane, University of Adelaide; Dr. Margaret Mitchell, Glasgow Caledonian University; Alan Munro, Strathclyde Police; Michael Napier, Nottingham Law School; Dr. Bogdan Radanov, University of Berne; Dr. Derek Rutter, University of Kent; Dr. Matthias Sturzenegger, University of Berne; Anne Taylor, Centre for Stress and Anxiety Disorders; Kay Wheat, Nottingham; Lindsay Wilson, University of Stirling; Dr. James Youngjohn, Arizona State University; Professor William Yule, University of London