This collection introduces, illustrates, and advances fresh ideas about creative practice inquiry in architecture. It concerns architectural knowledge: how architects can use their distinctive skills, habits, and values to advance professional insight, and how such insights can be extended to make wider contributions to society, culture, and scholarship. It shows how architectural ways of knowing and working can be mobilised as tools for research.

Collected here are a series of creative practices that emerge out of architecture and actively engage with other fields and methods reaching across the academic landscape. Architectural inquiries collected in this book probe matters that lie beyond the obvious expectations, the conventions, the default, of the discipline. Drawing, borrowing, adapting, dramatising, perhapsing, monstering, experimenting, cartooning—the tools and methods of each inquiry vary but they all share a common outward gaze, engaging architectural ways of knowing with other disciplines and practices including the arts, biological sciences, ethnography, and technology. Chapters gathered here offer insight not only into incipient modes and tools of architectural research, but emerging ethical, practical, and philosophical positions intimately tied to the creative practices involved.

Setting-out the idea of creative practice inquiry in architecture, this innovative volume offers a lively and resourceful contribution to a growing body of work on design as research. It will be of interest to: students keen to pursue architectural ways of thinking and writing; practitioners who want to use their distinctive professional abilities to contribute to architectural and scholarly knowledge; and academics and doctoral candidates keen to engage with the burgeoning scholarly field of design research.

part |24 pages


chapter |12 pages

Introduction: creative practice inquiry in architecture

ByAshley Mason, Adam Sharr

part |228 pages


part |24 pages

Archival practices

chapter |12 pages

Situational perhapsing

ByRay Verrall

chapter |11 pages

Draught/draft papers

ByAshley Mason

part |36 pages

Office practices

chapter |12 pages

Storying Practiceopolis

ByYasser Megahed

chapter |11 pages

Amateur adaptions

ByJames Longfield

part |36 pages

Place-based practices

part |24 pages

Building practices

chapter |12 pages

Building, in the field

ByGraham Farmer

chapter |11 pages

At home on site: expanding the field of architectural research

ByPrue Chiles

part |36 pages

Studio practices

chapter |12 pages

The Studio Apparatus

ByMatthew Ozga-Lawn

chapter |12 pages

Discordant forms: seeking the transitional object in axonometric projection

ByJames Alexander Craig

part |22 pages

Machine practices

part |48 pages

Material practices

chapter |12 pages

Biomaterial probes: creative practice engagement with living systems

ByCarolina Ramirez-Figueroa

chapter |12 pages

Biodesign research in the Anthropocene

ByAssia Crawford

chapter |10 pages

Liquid Architecture: design in a state of flux

ByPierangelo Marco Scravaglieri

part |13 pages

On reflection

chapter |12 pages

Out of bounds: methods and outputs of the architect-researcher

ByKatie Lloyd Thomas