First published in 1996, Selected Writings of Hannah More brings together some of More’s most powerful work, illustrating her views on the proper role of women in all areas of society.

Hannah More was a member of the London literary scene and is known for her morally restrictive and politically reactionary views, confronting the arguments of radicals and feminists alike. The book explores a number of More’s key works and includes a selection of her Letters from London in the 1770s, reflecting on the state of society. Also examined are several of More’s poems and short stories.

Selected Writings of Hannah More will appeal to those with an interest in social, cultural, and literary history.

1. Acknowledgements; 2. Introduction; 3. Bibliography; 4. Chronology of the Life of Hannah More 1745-1833; 5. A Notes on the Texts; Selected Writings of Hannah More; Letters from London (1775-9); 'The Bas Bleu' (1786); 'The White Slave Trade' (1805); 'The Sorrows of Yamba' (1795); 'Betty Brown' (1796); 'Tawney Rachel' (1797); 'Sinful Sally' (1796); Selections from 'Mr. Bragwell and his Two Daughters' (1795-7); Selections from Strictures on the Modern System of Female Education (1799); Notes