Applying Psychoanalysis in Medical Care describes the many ways that analysts interact with the medical world and make meaningful contributions to the care of a variety of patients.

Clinicians with a deep psychoanalytic understanding of our vulnerabilities, fears and hopes are well suited to participate in the care of our body. This book brings together contributions from caregivers who have dedicated themselves to deeply knowing their patients, from prenatal care, pediatrics, oncology, and palliative care. The chapters are rich with moving clinical vignettes that demonstrate both the power and gracefulness of dynamic listening and insight.

This book will be valuable reading for psychoanalysts as well as practitioners and students in medicine, psychology, and the social work disciplines.

1. An incentive to use psychoanalytic psychosomatics in everyday medicine Joachim Küchenhoff  2. At a Crossroads: the Psychoanalytic Model and the Medical Model Karen Proner and Valentino Ammannati  3. On Becoming a Parent: When the psychoanalyst meets the front- line professionals involved in the perinatal period Meropi Michaleli  4. Cruel Fate Jennifer Davids  5. Day hospital intensive care for patients with eating disorder Humberto Lorenzo Persano  6. Eating Disorders in childhood and adolescence: An interdisciplinary approach Monica Zac, Sandra Novas, Luz Zappa, Julian Onaindia, Alejandra Ariovich, Andrea Fränkel  7. Psychoanalysis and Psycho oncology: How Each Specialty Enriches the Other Norman Straker 8. Psychodynamic contributions to palliative care patients and their family members Linda Emanuel 9. How a Lack of Human Connection may Lead to Dehumanization and Addiction Jose Alberto Zusman, Edward J. Khantzian  10. Psychoanalytic approaches to the skin patient Jorge Ulnik  11. The Balint Group: The Arc of the Enduring Bridge Between Psychoanalysis and Medicine Randall H. Paulsen, Don R. Lipsitt