With specially commissioned introductions from international experts, the Psychological Insights for Understanding COVID-19 series draws together previously published chapters on key themes in psychological science that engage with people’s unprecedented experience of the pandemic.

In this volume on health, Dominika Kwasnicka and Robbert Sanderman introduce chapters that explore the crucial topics of health behaviour change, wellbeing, stress, and coping. They highlight the key role digital health technologies can play in how we manage health conditions, and how we facilitate change to help individuals manage stressful situations such as physical isolation, job loss, and financial strain during the COVID-19 pandemic. The volume also offers an important overview of environmental and policy-based approaches to health behaviour change and addresses the highly relevant issues of identity and trust and how they shape the health of individuals, communities, and society.

Highlighting theory and research on these key topics germane to the global pandemic, the Psychological Insights for Understanding COVID-19 series offers thought-provoking reading for professionals, students, academics, and policymakers concerned with psychological consequences of COVID-19 for individuals, families, and society.


Dominika Kwasnicka and Robbert Sanderman

1. "Emotional Health and Wellbeing"

Deborah Fish Ragin

From Health Psychology: An Interdisciplinary Approach

2. "Stress & Coping: On Being Well in Your Self"

Gary W. Wood

From The Psychology of Wellbeing

3. "Opportunities of technology to promote health and well-being"

Saskia M. Kelders and Matthew Howard

From eHealth Research, Theory and Development: A Multidisciplinary Approach

4. "The lived experience of digital health"

Deborah Lupton

From Digital Health: Critical and Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives

5. "Environmental and policy-based approaches to health behaviour change"

Andrew Prestwich, Jared B. Kenworthy and Mark Conner

From Health Behavior Change: Theories, Methods and Interventions

6. "Self-as-Doer Identity and Health Behavior Change within Non-clinical Populations"

Amanda M. Brouwer

From Motivation for Sustaining Health Behavior Change: The Self-as-Doer Identity

7. "Trust and Health: The road to wellness"

Ken J. Rotenberg

From The Psychology of Trust