In Vitalization in Psychoanalysis, Schwartz Cooney and Sopher develop and explore the concept of vitalization, generating new ways of approaching and conceptualizing the psychoanalytic project.

Vitalization refers to the process between two people that ignites new experiences and brings withdrawn aspects of the self to life. This book focuses on how psychoanalysis can be a uniquely creative encounter that can aid this enlivening internal process, offering a vibrant new take on the psychotherapeutic project. There is a long tradition in psychoanalysis that addresses the ways that the unique subjectivities of each member of the therapeutic dyad contribute to the repetition of entrenched patterns of relating, and how the processing of enactments can be reparative. But this overlap in subjectivities can also bring to life undeveloped experiences. This focus on generativity and progressive action represents a significant, cutting-edge turn in psychoanalysis. Vitalization in Psychoanalysis represents a deep meditation on this transformational moment in the history of psychoanalytic thought.

Pulling together work from major writers on vitalization from all the main psychoanalytic schools of thought, and covering development, theory and clinical practice, this book will be an invaluable guide for clinicians of all backgrounds, as well of students of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.

    1. Vitalizing Enactment: A Relational Exploration  2. An Allegiance to Absence: Fidelity to the Internal Void  3. Activating life in the analytic encounter: the ground of being in psychoanalysis  4. The Generative Unconscious and the Capacity to be Fully Alive  5. Between Mythos and Logos: Surrender, Vitalization and Transformation  6. Vitalizing Engagement: the Generative Transformation of the Project of Psychoanalysis  7. Reawakening Desire: Shame, Analytic Love, and Psychoanalytic Imagination  8. Moving from within the Maternal: The Choreography of Analytic Eroticism  9. Vitalization as a Case-Specific Emergent Process  10. Vitality, Attunement and the Lack Thereof  11. The Analyst As Catalyst: Cultivating Mind In The Shadow Of Neglect  12. What Makes Time Fly? Loewald’s Concept of Time and the Resuscitation of Vitality