This four volume primary resource collection is the most comprehensive of its kind and includes a multitude of sources that allows the user to chart the squalor, the noise, the conflict, the aspiration and the diversity of the working-class experience up to the outbreak of the First World War.



ByAndrew August

part I|215 pages

Working Conditions

chapter |2 pages

‘Unhealthy Employments’, New Monthly Magazine (1856)

ByW. Jones

chapter |2 pages

The Hours of Labour (1872), Excerpts

ByJ. G. Eccarius

chapter |2 pages

Industrial Classes And Industrial Statistics (1876), Excerpts

ByG. Phillips Bevan

chapter |2 pages

How Our Working People Live (1882), Excerpts

ByR. Rowe

chapter |2 pages

‘The Problem of Home Work’, Westminster Review (1897)

ByM. H. Irwin

chapter |2 pages

‘Dangerous Trades’, Fortnightly Review (1899)

ByH. J. Tennant

chapter |2 pages

‘Four Days in a Factory’, Contemporary Review (1903)

ByA. Russell

chapter |2 pages

‘Dangerous Trades’, Economic Review (1905)

ByC. Smith

chapter |9 pages

Social Conditions In Oxford (1912), Excerpts

ByC. V. Butler

part II|119 pages

Skill, Gender and Age Distinctions

chapter |2 pages

‘The Industrial Position of Women’, Fortnightly Review (1893)

ByE. F. S. Dilke

chapter |2 pages

‘The Apprenticeship Question’, Economic Journal (1909)

ByR. A. Bray

part III|103 pages

Worker Organization

chapter |2 pages

‘Conflicts Of Capital and Labour’, Economic Review (1891)

ByL. T. Hobhouse