Sanitary reform was one of the great debates of the nineteenth century. This reset edition makes available a modern, edited collection of rare documents specifically addressing sanitary reform. Each volume will begin with an introduction, and the documents presented have headnotes and endnotes provided. A full index appears in the final volume.



ByMichelle Allen-Emerson, Tom Crook

part I|98 pages

Knowing and Inspecting the City

part |46 pages

Domestic Visiting and Advising

part |52 pages

Sanitary Inspection

chapter |7 pages

Housing and Sanitary Inspection of the Dwellings of the Poor (1884)

ByThomas Buckworth

chapter |2 pages

‘Legal Hints on Sanitary Inspection’ (1893)

ByH. Mansfield Robinson

chapter |15 pages

The Sanitary Inspector’s Handbook, 2nd edn (1897)

ByAlbert Taylor

chapter |8 pages

‘Women as Sanitary Inspectors’, Journal of State Medicine (1902)

ByJ. Spottiswoode Cameron

part II|73 pages

Domesticity and Space

part III|108 pages

Cleanliness and Respectability

part |29 pages

Turkish Bathing

part |28 pages

The Ethics and Practice of Cleanliness